Discussion around date for January twee8

As there is the Chatsworth Road market consultation on the weds 19th, we are moving the January (clapton) edition of twee8 to another day so we can all do both. Can people make either Thursday 20th or Wednesday 26th. Can you comment and say yes or no to both dates and say which, if any, are preferredThanks


  1. We have an exhibition opening the night of the 20th. However, as I have yet to make a Tweetup, feel free to veto my veto.

  2. I am theoretically free for either one but the more notice the better so I can book off work. 😀

  3. why not do both??? do the twee8 after the market meeting… at the elderfield, say. good pub, good ale.

  4. Weds 26th better for me – football night on Thursdays. Very selfish reason! But yes Monkchips is right and daresay the attendees of the meeting may want to do that anyway.

  5. @monkchips – we have no idea how long the meeting will go on for – these things can take a while….Let’s make it Weds 26th then – I think the Elderfield is easier to find a place to sit, so we’ll do it there.

  6. Haven’t been to the Elderfield for a while – should be able to make this.

  7. 26th works for me, and the Elderfield is a gem.

  8. 26th is clear for me, looking forward to it

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