Dance for children

TPO Company and Tom Dale present Dance Please! at Chat Palace.An interactive playground of movement, light and sound for 5-10 years.Come inside a digital world of magical animations and spectacular sounds created by Italy’s leading children’s theatre company TPO.Re-mix rhythms and make new sounds by dipping your hand under the light.  Splash virtual colour across the room by shaking your body or throw wild shapes by wiggling a finger. Move, play and take part in a unique performance with TPO’s award winning technology in a new collaboration with British choreographer Tom Dale.Dance Please! is available to any families, schools and play-groups. Saturday 19 November 11:00 & 14:00Sunday 20 November 11:00 & 14:00Chats Palace, London020 8533 0227 £8 per childproduced by Crying Out Loud Visit for more information