Damp proofing

I’ve got a problem with damp in my walls and probably need a new damp proof course installed. Any ideas for companies I can contact locally?


  1. Just to bump this -we are also looking for a builder and/or a damp proofing specialist… Someone out there must have a recommendation!

  2. Another good source for tradespeople recs isCazenove Area Action Group http://www.clubplan.org/CMS/page.asp?org=1517&name=TradesMen

  3. We got Abbott Damp-proofing enquiries@abbottdampproofing.co.uk to come and do a survey of our damp. They said we didn’t need a damp course – it seems this only works if you have rising damp ie coming up from ground. Ours appears up the wall so unlikely to be rising damp. Problems were possibly caused by moisture source from next door and damaged window ledges externally. Suggested as plaster seems ok could possibly just repaint with moisture resistant paint. Charged £88 for survey in 2011. The general consensus seems to be that where we are (Stokey) and with our type of house (victorian terrace) you should just accept a bit of damp. It’s more of a nuisance with peeling bubbling paint rather than mould or affecting air quality.”

  4. @outsharked did you see this reply?

  5. Emily – I did now – thanks. Londoner – thanks for the recommendation but mostly for the sage bit of advice about Victorian properties. We’re trying for a ground floor Victorian flat up in Walthamstow… I imagine what you say rings true for there as well. Ta!

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