Commercial businesses in Dalston Square

It looks as though some commercial life may be finally coming to Dalston Sq.To accompany the existing  [not a] Starbucks, it looks as though the unit beside the station entrance is finally being fitted out for a Co-operative supermarket, and a license application has just been submitted for the unit beside \Starbucks”. I can’t find it online yet but the notice says it is for;Provision of alcohol live music plays films recorded music making music dancing Monday to Sunday til Midnight.”


  1. The new business next to [not a] Starbucks, is to be a cafe/deli/bistro called Route. They’re currently looking for staff and describe themselves as \a multifunctional space that will operate as a charcuterie fromagerie and also sell baked goods and antipasti at the counter as well as a retail deli goods area. Our kitchen will be a modern fresh take on Mediterranean and middle eastern inspired food that is tasty and exciting and rustic and hearty in style. The other important objective is to sell very good coffee and tea.” They give the opening date as 8th March. There has also been a licensing application for the larger unit on the Square by a company called Gremio London Ltd. Their proposed ‘Gremio De Dalston’ is seeking a licence for recorded music and supply of alcohol.”

  2. Well, it looks as though Route bistro has been up and running for a while now and doing well.Tapas bar Gremio de Dalston should be on its way soon.And now it looks as though the council has granted planning permission for two units to be opened for “beauty therapy” use by Smooth You Ltd.

  3. Dalston Square Residents Association are reporting that;”With regard the commercial units around the Square the biggest news is probably the imminent opening of the Smooth You Town Spa in the double unit beneath Burke and Dekker. As you will no doubt have seen work is well underway and should be finished by the end of November(ish)….The only other definite news is the recent signing (2 weeks ago) of contracts for the unit to the left of the Barratt sales office (the one with the Cafe Rica graphic in the window). No confirmation yet on who has taken it but no doubt we will hear soon.”I also note that the fountain was officially turned on recently – although I’m yet to see it functioning.Dalston Square fountain

  4. The fountain looks lovely. As a slight tangent, I recently steered my brother towards a holiday rental in Dalston Square. I was really surprised at how spacious the flat was. The only real drawback was a constant background noise from the ducts running through the ceilings – you do get used to it but… Also I had two meals at Route and they were very well done for a small cafe. Dalston Square didn’t appeal to me that much before but I’m a bit of a convert now. And, yes, the fountains look great! It was also nice to hear that my brother went over to the Curve Garden a couple of times for a respite. So it’s all working pretty well!

  5. @janice I’m sure the public space will improve once all the building work is finished and the square opened up and portakabins removed. But I am a bit disappointed by the shops on the western side – which seem to have created a lot inactive shopfronts, which is a shame when they are on a pedestrian square. I surprised the owners and planners haven’t been more demanding.That ducting noise seems problematic. Can’t they do something to dampen vibration? Sounds like an issue for the Dalston Square Residents Association.But yes Cafe Route is great.”

  6. It looks as though Dalston Square is to get a family restaurant called ‘Nancy’s Pantry’;Nancy's Pantry describe themselves thus;“Welcome to the most family friendly restaurant in the UK. At Nancy’s Pantry children are as important as our delicious wholesome organic food. That’s why we have created an exciting innovative and educational space to keep children entertained completely free of charge while you eat wonderful food and drink.It doesn’t matter what you can and can’t eat there’ll be something on the menu at Nancy’s Pantry that you’ll love. We pride ourselves on creating an exceptional menu for all.We also offer unique activities run by very experienced wonderfully enthusiastic entertainers in our dedicated activity room at reasonable prices.”Also some jobs available;'s-Pantry

  7. Hackney Gazette on the opening of the new ‘Smooth You’ spa;\New £1.5million town spa opens in Dalston and offers apprenticeships to local youngsters” You town spa

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