Dalston Emporium

Dalston Emporium
Had lunch in Dalston Emporium. It was pleasant but not spectacular – prices a bit high. Nice to have something other than Turkish on Kingsland Road. Next time I’m going to try Dalston Superstore. Have yet to do that.”


  1. that’s a bugger – what was the coffee like? Superstore is highly variable depending on the chef but they have great cakes. Have you tried Tina we salute you? they have excellent coffee and take away food that goes down a treat in the darkness of the Rio.

  2. the coffee was good. so far, my favourite hackney coffee is mouse and de lotz. i do love tina but i was rapped on the knuckles because it’s not in our boundaries. lol. i also love climpson & sons. are you going to be part of our coffee crawl, if we ever do it?
    re emporium. the food wasn’t bad at all, just needs to have more wow appeal. i should go and them how! ha.

  3. oooo really? I will wait to be rapped. I haven’t tried mouse and de lotz, have to get down there on the weekend. Coffee crawl sounds great – have you seen the E5 Bakery Bike around? I haven’t found its home yet but it gives dalston a nice berlin vibe.

  4. I’ve recently noticed that E5 Bakery (bizarre name given their new location) have opened up a new cafe a few arches down from their bakery.

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