Dalston Cola

Dalston Cola It was the Dalston Cola launch last night which I headed down to with @saladefolle Dalston Cola is one of the offerings from the Treehouse Kitchen a project from chef and co-founder of the Russet Cafe Steve Wilson with Duncan O’Brien. The cola is made with Kola nuts the ingredient reputedly used to make the original Coca Cola but it’s pretty different tasting from any other cola you may have tried. It’s boasts to be lower in sugar uses natural ingredients and carbinated by hand. It’s also thicker with a slightly medicinal flavour. They were pairing it with spiced rum lime and black cherries all of which made pretty tasty combos. To get your hands on some or Treehouse Kitchen’s other offering Raw Fiyah! Ginger beer you can head to their website or pick some up at: The Russet Passing Clouds Fernandez and Wells Tonkatsu Bar and Ramen The Vortex Tongue in Cheek or Betty’s. You can find Dalston cola on twitter  @dalstoncola Dalston Cola