Daffodil Thieves in Stamford Hill – Third year running

I look forward to the appearance of daffodils each spring; it cheers me up no end. Yet once again some horrible person has taken them all bar one. I noticed the buds (around 20) for the first time on Tuesday and was intending to put a ‘please don’t pick’ sign up – but too late. Not that it would have probably had any effect.
I wouldn’t get overly upset at losing the odd one to the curious child that doesn’t know better, or the romantic inebriate even, but when someone takes them all its downright selfish. Its not just depriving me. Sited as they are in a raised bed bordering the pavement they bring welcome colour to the whole street.
I’m sure a lot of this must go on – does anyone else know of a similar experience?


  1. I remember @saladefolle telling me a similar tale on Hackney Downs, it’s not on as they are bought and looked after with public funds and put there for everyone to enjoy. Have you spoken to anyone at the council, what do they normally do as I’m sure it’s not uncommon.

  2. Yup. I once made a polite but to the point remark at a father and his young son who were systematically picking an entire flower bed on the Downs in broad daylight. Was simply told to f-off in return. I’m not confident a sign will be a realistic deterrent when those people know exactly what they are doing…

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