CYouNexThursday at Platform Bar and Terrace

Platform’s Monthly Night of Comedy and Fun timesMarch 29th  7 – 11pmThis month’s line up:Melanie Eden – A lovely young lady who I met at Platform. I made her an Iced mocha which she enjoyed and we got chatting. Turns out she is quite musical. And funny. Deffo needs a spot at CYNT.Mike Sheer – Mike is based in Manchester and emailed me saying he doesn’t mind the train trip. I seem to have a thing with boys from Manc. Good thing he is originally from Canada. Distinctive wit and good grip of the absurd.Tom Bell – My new favourite Karaoke partner in crime. Tom was last month’s MC (brilliant) but mostly, we took over the Dolphin after CYNT and continued the comedy until they kicked us out at stumps. Encore!Sarah Bennetto – Heart warming fellow Aussie, turned Londoner. Sarah has made oceans smaller for the international comedy scene, with the sensational ‘Story Tellers Club’ based in both hemispheres. Lovely, Pretty and Funny. Do I idolise her?? Yes. Yes I do.Robin and Partridge – Resident MC’s as long as some corporate entrepreneur doesn’t steal their surreal, political and fruity selves for their own enjoyment. I don’t blame the corporates. Everyone deserves happiness! Stoked to announce we are going to integrate some beautiful tunes into the CYNT line up – hopefully every month. To kick start this special interlude of musical loveliness is the divine singer songwriter;Tom Copson – word on da street says this humble chap is about to hit the big time and we get a sneak peek of his new tunes. Musical Booom  :-D Hope to see you there! Sharnema xx (CYNT Hostess and doer of stuff) Official Info:Find the Venue: to secure £5 ticketsDoor Sales £8 (or nearest donation if you are hard up and can tell a joke to the doorperson)Follow us on twitter:!/CYouNexThursdayLike our Page: