Following some troubles with my 5d mark 2 vs CS3 I downloaded the trial of CS5 today. First impressions are good. It feels a lot slicker and means that I can access my RAW files a LOT easier. Is anyone else using it?


  1. me! I find it much more user-friendly than CS4, so for me it’s worth the upgrade to CS5, depsite what some people in the industry said. Have no idea what ‘5d mark 2’, so can’t help you with the comparison… Are you on a mac or pc?

  2. Canon 5d camera. I am very much a mac man! What do you use?I did a one day Lightroom course and am tempted but CS5 would be easier for my current circumstances.

  3. macmacmacmacmac! I’m a mac snob! I’ve never used Lightroom, so don’t know anything about it. Is it better than Aperture? Although to be honest, I’m too lazy to stop using iphoto, shaaaaame! But then again, I’m not a photographer. I do have a lot of photos though!

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