Crowne Plaza Hotel Shoreditch

An application has just been submitted for the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Shoreditch;\Refurbishment and re-cladding of main façade to building including new shopfronts and glazing to serve ancillary retail units at ground floor level. Conversion of existing car parking (loss of 11 spaces) into hotel back of house areas installation of a roof plant. Alterations to the footpath in front of the hotel to accommodate cycle parking.”  (2013/0293) this is a little bit of a shot in the dark since the drawings aren’t available online yet but I remember a year or so ago reading an article on Loving Dalston which suggested that Ian Shrager (of Studio 54 fame) was interested in remodelling the hotel;’s website makes no mention of it but it does waffle about a new brand of hotels being launched called ‘Edition’ in association with Marriott; drop-down under ‘Hotels’ does include one in London due to be opened in 2013.I’ve made an enquiry via email but I don’t Twitter; @EDITIONHotels”