Critical Mass Arrests: lack of media coverage

I hope you don’t mind me posting this, but it’s getting very little media coverage so I personally feel a bit let down by our media this weekend. People will have different views on this, but they have to know about it in the first place. You might even have heard of it through a San Francisco website instead of a UK one. More than 100 cyclists ( this article says 182) were kettled and arrested on Fri at Bow Interchange and Warton St in Stratford while the opening ceremony was taking place. Their bikes were loaded onto a truck and they were bussed to a police station to be processed. I don’t know if they were eventually charged (I understand Breach of the Peace may have been used). Some say they pushed their luck by going to Stratford and then lingering there; others ask why a Section 12 Public Order Act apparently banned a regular and good-natured event from half of the city – ie anywhere north of the Thames. Many say they saw cyclists being pulled and pushed off bikes some on Twitter reported cyclists being punched ‘to get David Beckham through’. We can all have our own opinions (every story has two sides of course) – but not if we don’t even know it happened. ThanksHackney Tours”