Hello Creatives,: Marcella Leone and Angelene Clarke are proud to present ‘ Line Up ‘ A work in progress for Creative Split’s 2013 competition ‘ Inspired London ‘ . This work will consist of 3 photographs in which London de constructs the notion of creativity to reveal a message of unity, solidarity and conformity as an undertone of the city.ASPIRING LONDON : LINE UP : ARE YOU AN ASPIRING CREATIVE ?we are desperately seeking people that aspire to work in creative industry to help us to bring awareness to the unknown creative collective, join us campaign for freedom of expression. What we need is for you to attend a photo shoot  Saturday 5th January 2013 at 11am till 3pm at a studio in North London (Details are on facebook). The photoshoot will feature as part of KNOW MORE, a one-day art and music festival.It doesn’t matter which discipline you’re from or how much experience you have, those chosen will be showcased in an all-day event at the amazing Drink, Shop & Do (10th Feb, 2013) with the finalists and winners featured at an evening’s private view at FOLD Gallery with help from Kim Savage, formerly of Saatchi Gallery (24th Feb, 2013).’ Inspired London – Creative Split We hope to extend the concept into an exhibition that will feature your works in the future, be part of the in a collaborative art work, lets get noticed. Please send me a text/email stating what discipline you do? If you are willing to attend the photoshoot? Lastly what inspires you to be creative in London?Angelene Clarke 0-7-9-6-0-6-8-7-7-1-7 alternatively email me  angeleneclarke@aol.comThanks in advance Line- up Team”

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  1. oooohh i wish i have seen it earlierI would love to come but no time to prepare something nowwish you best of luck and fun tomorrow

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