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How very exciting! Just joined so please respond if you can….Ok I’m a local artist and running a fab little art club currently for kids called ARTBASH…. going really well etc. I am now looking for a space to develop my venture further. ARTBASH is looking to take on a space in E5 where creative things can happen. Art classes, as well as events exhibitions and more. If you are a creative person who maybe interested in being involved or you know of a space that would be suitable lease please do get in touch. The space needs to be around 500 sq ft ish so 10 m x 10 m. I think, can be run down (happy to do up) but must have light and of a very fair rent! Looking forward to responces. Linda


  1. I think you should check out Happitime Playgroup near the canal at Leabridge Road – they are very much looking for people to rent their space – web address below:
    Happitime is looking for people/organisations to rent their new space – please see below or follow weblink

  2. and its a fantastic space!

  3. Yes indeed it is! It’s the space I currrently running ARTBASH from and indeed it’s a fantastic space. However I’m now looking for a space I can use in the day time as well and call my own if you see what i mean. Thanks for your imput!

  4. Well you probably know this already too but Chats Palace on Brooksby Walk (top of Chatsworth Road) might be worth a shout

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