Craft Beer Rising

Although it’s all the way over the border at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, look out for the Craft Beer Rising festival on Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd Feb. Local brewers including East London Brewing and Hackney Brewery will be there. Not only beer but also street food and DJs. What’s not to like? Details at


  1. Interesting the list of exhibitors… no Hackney breweries from what I see. Also Kernel aren’t exhibiting, either. Still, Offbeat Brewery and Red Squirrel Brewery are on there, and they’re quite good. New brewery Brüpond is representing London, alongside The Botanist and Meantime. Looks like my old employers got the e-mail I sent them as well about the event, as it looks like they’re exhibiting, although it’s weird they didn’t do it as Beermerchants. Still on the fence to go, personally, but mostly trying to decide when to go as well, since tickets are divided up into different time slots on the three days (Friday 7-11pm, Saturday 11:30-5pm, Saturday 5pm-11pm). Worth noting that tickets are £11 or £13.20, depending on when you go.

  2. I assumed Hackney Brewery and East London Brewery were local?

  3. I think it looks awesome. Really original take on a beer festival, not the stifled old thing in the beer garden of a pub in the rain. Granted, no kernel or lfb, but heard there are talks and beer matching classes – definitely going!

  4. @jimmytcase Are they exhibiting? I didn’t see them on the list, but they might have joined up since the last time I looked. East London Brewery is actually in Walthamstow, I think, but their beer is solid–wonderful for session drinking, and their Oatmeal Stout is excellent. If they’re going, I’m surely going down. @tom-clark Yeah. I think I will definitely go, as I really like Red Squirrel’s beer (their London Porter is a stunner) and I’m curious about Brüpond beer, and just interested in seeing the format, really. Saturday seems like the day to go (it’s a shame they don’t have a ticket to go the entire weekend), but I think I might wind up going on Friday evening to mingle with some of the trade peeps.

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