Couscous, coffee and cake

Just been to Happy Kitchen this week lunchtime and its quite a nice place. One full plate with couscous and a mix of vegetables for around 6 quid. Coffee is square mile.Did anyone try the new cake space on Chatsworth Rd yet?


  1. ok! i haven’t tried the cake but want to. i follow them on twitter/facebook – are they on here yet? but also happy kitchen sounds gooood – address? haven’t been to chatsworth road in a bit but planning to a couple/few times soon. will check it out.

  2. Happy is in London Fields just by the train station! 🙂

  3. there is more about Happy Kitchen on this thread from a while back

  4. Their coffee is from St Ali, at least according to the black board outside.I presume this is the same St Ali in Clerkenwell that made us wait 70 minutes for a table for lunch

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