Corner of Clapton Square and Lower Clapton Road

Hi everyone,

I’m a newcomer to this forum and am very pleased to have found it…I’m wondering if there is anyone who can help me with something: I’ve recently bought the building at the corner of Clapton Square and Lower Clapton Road that used to have an Apollo video-rental store on the ground floor. My intention is to convert the upper floors to residential and the ground floor into two units, the larger of which will house a coffee shop and bakery, which I’ll (attempt to!) run myself.

Corner of Clapton Square and Lower Clapton Road

The building has had numerous unfortunate alterations over the years such as the UPVC windows. I’d like to restore the building to its original appearance so that it’s sympathetic to the square and enhances this stretch of Lower Clapton Road.I’m wondering if there is anyone who has historic photos of this building or the parade of shops in which it sits so that I can faithfully reproduce the original windows. I’ve sifted through dozens of photos in Hackney Council’s archive but couldn’t strike it lucky. This is a long shot I know but is there any chance that someone on this forum has a photo of the building before the current UPVC windows were put in?


  1. Hi @nightboat that sounds really interesting, it’s good to see something happen with that empty shop. I would say look at the Hackney Archives, but I believe they are closed at the moment. I’ll talk to the other committee members on the Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group and find out who you could talk to on Clapton Square.

  2. Thanks, that would be much appreciated.

  3. @nightboat there are some details on the Clapton Square users group here: someone from the Clapton Pond NAG is going to forward this request on to them

  4. @nightboat I’ve been eyeing that place myself thinking what a fab spot for a coffee shop. You’ll have police in and out all day so stock up on doughnuts! I just wanted to ask, will you be getting rid of that ugly big box attached to the front elevation at the first floor? I’m surprised (ie not) the planning office let the previous owners get away with it.

  5. This will be a welcome addition to the area. I’ve often thought it would make a good coffee bar. It appears I’m not alone there. Re pics – just an idea but have you searched Google images for Clapton baths (now the sports hall)? Being next door I wonder if someone took a photo from across the street at some point.

  6. @ewebber Thank you!@benjamin Yes, it has been said I should name the place \Chief Wiggum’s Doughnuterie” and suchlike… Actually given LCR’s old monicker the fact that the unit is opposite a police station really helped with getting the loan! The air-conditioning plant on the projecting ground-floor roof will definitely be going. It is unacceptably ugly and is probably unauthorised in planning terms anyway. There may be a much much smaller and far more unobtrusive replacement but this hasn’t been decided yet. I certainly wouldn’t want anything that would inhibit this space’s potential for use as an outside terrace (for which I’ll apply for planning permission separately once I’ve got planning permission for the main bulk of the works.)@alexpink Thanks for the suggestion – good idea though it was I’m afraid it didn’t yield many results…”

  7. @nightboat Welcome to Lower Clapton (if you’re new in the area)! Have you spoken to Umit up the road? His shop is worth visiting, and he may have old photos or films of his and your side of the road… The Hackney Museum may also have some records worth checking, it’s perhaps worth calling them. We’ll all keep an eye out for you. Good luck!

  8. Best of luck with your venture – always a fan of more coffee shops/ decent pubs versus chicken shops/ offies. Best of luck with getting a roof terrace agreed with planning too – though you might find that a bit of a problem if youre intending to rent out the first floor as the council has various caveats on terraces where they overlook residences. You might want to run the idea past them first before you start the work.

  9. @nightboat Good of you to come on here to talk about it. Remember to try and avoid creating any blank frontages on either Lower Clapton Road or Clapton Square. Will you need to apply for planing permission – if so it would be great to see some of the drawings.

  10. @saladefolle Good suggestion – thanks. You mean the bric-a-brac shop next to the baths, right?@GavinRedknap Thanks. You’re quite right in what you say. Full disclosure – and here I brace myself for brickbats: I’m a former planning officer, so hopefully that experience will help me use the same means of overcoming overlooking that I used to suggest to others!@euan Thanks. Rest assured, I’m looking for active frontages all the way. There’ll be a significant increase in active frontages compared to what’s there now – not just the cafe but a new retail unit on the square too. I do need to apply for planning permission, yes. Hopefully this will be submitted by mid-April. As with all planning applications, the drawings will be available to view online. (Let me know if there are any problems with the upload – sometimes there are…)

  11. It will probably turn up here then 🙂

  12. I’m very excited about this @nightboat and agree with @alexpink – it’s a great place for a cafe/bakery thing (especially as I live opposite). Can you let us know a bit more about the cafe concept, or is it early days? Either way, it’ll be a huge improvement on what’s there already. Good luck. PS. Here is Umit:

  13. @nightboat Yes, but it’s better than bric-a-brac; they used to have a sign in the window that said ‘This is super 8, not video or dvd rubbish’ (I hope that sign is still there – haven’t been for a while). So there, it’s a film shop. Albeit an odd one!Also, you’ll probably get a lot of business from all the people/kids coming out of the gym, so I reckon it’s a really good spot.

  14. It would be great if they sorted out that section of the street in front of the police station. The carriageway doesn’t need to be nearly that wide, it’s a relic from when transport planners thought differently, as is the junction w/ Urswick Road. A million pounds and you could tighten the whole thing up making footways much wider and making all the crossings easier, and better connect Clapton Square to St Johns Yard – and you would easily make that back from the increase in property prices around it.

  15. @jonessecret What kind of cafe will it be? It will be a Duran Duran-themed cafe, to be named ‘Union of the Cake’.@saladefolle @ewebber I think the sign is still there. I’ll have to investigate the shop more thoroughly, I have to say it looks intriguing.@euan Agreed. I wonder if this stretch of LCR is included in Hackney Council’s programme of pavement resurfacing. If it isn’t already, then I guess the moment’s probably passed. Shame, because it could look so much better.Joking about the Duran Duran theme, by the way… I’m saving that for my Birmingham outpost.

  16. @nightboat phew, you had my mind panicking for a mo. How about a Jam-themed cafe; ‘Eating Trifles’?I think the guy to ask about paving is Alan Laing. Careful though, he’s an idiot.

  17. @benjamin Ha! Very good. And thanks for the tip.

  18. @benjamin: @nighboat will need to be extra careful now after what you posted on here, isn’t this website accessible by all even without an account? very funny!! I guess it’s free coffee for the council guy, then…

  19. @benjamin: @nightboat will need to be extra careful now after what you posted on here, isn’t this website accessible by all even without an account? very funny!! I guess it’s free coffee for the council guy, then…

  20. @saladefolle are you suggesting that Cllr Alan Laing will delay the re-paving of Lower Clapton Rd because I regard him as an idiot? I only thought his incompetence was due to ignorance whereas you seem to be suggesting he’s both malicious and wilfully unprofessional.

  21. @benjamin: nooooo, I’m not suggesting anything at all…! I never said anyone is an idiot, even when it’s pretty obvious there’s quite a few of them at the council! ;^)

  22. @benjamin: nooooo, I’m not suggesting anything at all…! I never said anyone is an idiot, even when it’s pretty obvious there’s quite a few of them working for the council! 😉

  23. @nightboat Hi there, I live on the same side of Clapton Square and I’m really excited to hear about your coffee shop. Having just found out yet another bookies is opening on Lower Clapton Road, I was expecting the worst, but I am very glad that it’s something that will add to the area, especially as you seem determined to make your shop front look as appealing as possible. Is it too early to divulge what kind of coffee shop/bakery it will be? Are you open to suggestions at all, or are you pretty much clear on what you want to do? I wish you the best of success anyway!

  24. Wait, another bookie?! Where on LCR?

  25. @line1 in the old Harris electronics shop opposite the round chapel, I’m gutted I missed it, you know how I feel about them and It’s a nice frontage. It’s another william hill too

  26. Argh! I just don’t know how we can keep an eye on these applications, I try to check out any empty shops I see but I guess I missed this one too.

  27. Incredible isn’t it? There’s been so much publicity over the last few years about betting shops in Hackney (apparently 3 times the national average!) and still the council are powerless to stop even more opening. Even more gutting is the fact that there’s already a William Hill just a few yards away from the new one – why so many!?!

  28. @jason I tried describing what kind of cafe it would be to @jonessecret‘s earlier request, but ended up writing something, realising it was either too long or sounded po-faced, deleting it, trying again, deleting it, and so on, until chickening out. I’ll try again though. It won’t be a greasyspoon – but nor will it be a Flat White, Fernandez & Wells or Climpsons (much though I like those places). It will be northern European, rather than Mediterranean or Antipodean, in terms of outlook, food and aesthetic, with as much of an emphasis on cosiness and comfort as on coffee. There won’t be menus in Comic Sans or doors left open in winter. There will be free wi-fi, newspapers, cakes, damn good filter coffee and plenty of tea, with options to fit all budgets. If it is not considered an inclusive, friendly place where absolutely everyone feels welcome, I will have failed. That aside, though, I’m definitely open to suggestions and ideas. Hit me with ’em. Can’t say they’ll all hit the bullseye, but you never know.By the way, I agree re: betting shops. It seems to be a fault of the English planning system rather than Hackney Council per se. It’s the same with Tesco Expresses. Councils are powerless to stop them; there’s only one retail classification and once a unit has it, any retailer can open there.

  29. If you are open to suggestions I would like to suggest going in a Scandinavian direction with the bakery.

  30. @nightboat – free wifi will be very welcome I’m sure, I’d try to encourage you to have good (not filter) coffee, please 🙂

  31. @line1 Ha! Funny you should mention it – and very encouraging. I didn’t want to give too much away, but that is exactly what I had in mind. Not exclusively Nordic, but very much part of the mix.

  32. @ewebber Well, I’ll definitely be serving filter coffee – but I wouldn’t want you to think that filter coffee will be the only coffee I’ll serve. That’d be commercial suicide! There’ll be all the usual espresso-based coffees too. 🙂

  33. @nightboat Thanks very much for the reply (about both topics). Genuinely sounds really great what you have in mind, and just what we could do with round here. To be honest, I didn’t really have a particular concept in mind, but was just going to say I think there’s a definite gap in the market round here for a pleasant, welcoming cafe with a bit of character and atmosphere that you just enjoy being in, rather than just somewhere you go to get a coffee to take away, if that makes sense? I’m not knocking other local places at all, but it would be great to have something a bit different. I really like Gossip on Broadway Market as an example, absolutely tiny place but just has a really friendly feel to it. Anyway, was really heartened by your remarks on being cosy and welcoming – sounds excellent. (Oh and will you be doing cream teas?!)

  34. @jason Thanks – I hope you won’t be disappointed. Cream teas sound like a very good idea. For the time being I’m more than happy to recommend the scones with clotted cream at Allpress Espresso on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch – they’re of a standard that will be hard to beat…

  35. @nightboat Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll give them a go. When are you hoping to open, by the way? Or have you got to wait a while for your planning application to go through?

  36. I like the tea room idea…if only for allowing me to burst in and demand the finest wines available to humanity.

  37. @jason There’s a lot still to do, so it won’t be open until late this year or early next year.

  38. @nightboat are you going to consider having exhibitions in the cafe, there are a fair few artists/photographers around

  39. @ewebber Could be a very good idea. Although actually, the redevelopment of the building will also include an A1/D1 unit right next to the cafe, facing the square, which I think would be perfect for use as a gallery. Not quite sure yet what I’ll rent it out at, but any expressions of interest would of course be welcomed (once I’ve got planning permission, of course…).

  40. @nightboat – I’ll spread the word

  41. @ewebber Thank you!

  42. @nightboat and all – check this planning application out looks like you might have a gallery over the road 🙂

  43. @ewebber That’s cool – the more the merrier!

  44. If that’s the one in the large Georgian house just to the left of the Levy Centre, then I think it’s been (partially) open for some time now. You’ve got to knock on the door.

  45. I would like to offer up my boyfriends services should you need any coffee advice, he’s a barista trainer, former of Flat White.He’s a coffee geek!

  46. @line1 oooh a barista trainer, can he bring me coffee in the mornings please 🙂

  47. @line1 Mmm, sounds genuinely interesting – I’ll PM you about this.

  48. @line1 Where does he train? I recently brought one of these – and I would like to get the best out of it.

  49. I’m getting him to join here, I know nothing about coffee, don’t even drink it!

  50. this is great news!was real disappointed to see the Harris & Sons shop being turned into a William Hill, but the old video shop unit is crying out for something positive and this sounds perfect, good luck!Are William Hill vacating the shop 20 yards further up LCR now then?

  51. I’d be surprised if WH left the shop at 150 LCR – they do like a few shops in the same street William Hill non Mare Street

  52. @nikolaikett Thanks!

  53. My first Yeah Hackney post!!! So excited to hear about the proposed cafe/gallery on the corner of Clapton Square. I live there so can’t wait to take advantage of a proper local place where i can sit and sketch, muse and scoff cake!! Good luck!

  54. @creamtea Why thank you, I look forward to your custom!

  55. Got a quick question: after the Apollo video-rental store closed in 2007, it looks as though an ink-cartridge refill store opened in the unit. Does anyone know how long it lasted? Did it close in 2008, 2009 or 2010?

  56. @nightboat I took this photo in July 2010, so I’d guess any time in 2010 before then, but it may have been shut longerCartridge refil Lower Clapton RoadFrom London Shop Fronts

  57. @ewebber Thanks, that should do the trick.

  58. Hi @nightboat, any updates on your big Apollo project? Hope all’s going well. Very excited about it. D

  59. Hi @jonessecret, thanks for asking. Everything is still on track, although taking a bit longer than I would like, as these things tend to. So far, most of the new windows have been installed and painted, and I think this has already improved the appearance of the building. The main building works are starting this very week, so hopefully the site will soon be full of activity. The flats and retail unit should be finished mid-January 2012, and the cafe in April. If anyone’s interested in getting first dibs on the retail unit, by all means PM me. (I’ll advertise it properly once it’s ready, naturally.)

  60. Ah, what good news happening in my old neighbourhood! @nightboat, if you happen to need the services of a baker, let me know. I used to make things back in Orlando for a café called Stardust. Here’s some pictures of stuff I made for them. \whoopie cranberry cakelets vegan raspberry-lime cupcakes Good luck with getting everything ready!”

  61. @quitepeculiar those photos look delicious. Whatever they are I think I want to stuff my face with them. As it happens I will be looking to recruit a full-time baker so if that sounds like something you’d be interested in then let’s speak nearer the time (next spring).”

  62. @nightboat   I’m really interested to see the transformation over the coming months, must be such an exciting time for you. Since you announced your development, I’ve been wondering whether or not a toy shop could do well in your extra retail space, given the proximity to the playground and the leisure centre (where loads of kids go of course). I just wish I had the means to give it a go myself! I’m sure your intention to have an art gallery there would be a good thing too. I guess your main objective is to get it leased, but do you have any other ideas yourself on what could work in that location?

  63. @jason It is indeed quite exciting, although nerve-wracking at the same time, as it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this… I certainly wouldn’t be averse to a toy shop, although the retail unit is quite small – which may be problematic. I wouldn’t want to lease to just anyone – I’d like it to be a use that complements the cafe and enhances both the square and the wider area; not just in terms of the type of shop or gallery but in terms of decoration and signage too. (There’ll be clauses on typography in the lease!) A bookshop would seem a logical choice, although I would now be disinclined to let to a bookshop because I like Pages of Hackney and see no point in having two bookshops so close to each other, cannibalising each other’s business. Perhaps a health-food store could work? Or is it too close to Healthy Stuff? I dunno. Anyway, keep the ideas coming..!

  64. Can it have a cheese deli?

  65. @lizzie That’d be good!

  66. Hi @nightboat, still very excited about your project at Clapton Square – any updates? Hope all is going very well, Dan

  67. Hi Dan, thanks for asking. Building work is still underway – the usual delays but nothing too serious. I’m now picking up speed on the second phase of the project (the coffee shop/bakery), planning ahead with the architect, meeting suppliers and commercial-kitchen-fitters and so on. The aim is to open next May.

  68. Hi @nightboat, glad to hear it’s all coming along well. Any interest in your retail unit yet? I think some kind of health-food shop would be good, guess it would be competing with Holland & Barrett down the road more than Healthy Stuff though? I did wonder about a decent wine shop, along the lines of Borough Wines on Wilton Way? Also, a good-sized unit for a florists perhaps? Best, Jason.

  69. I’d be happy with either of those uses, Jason; indeed a decent wine shop would be well-suited because the retail unit is quite small. However, I haven’t started marketing the unit yet as it’s still far from finished, so no expressions of interest have been received so far.

  70. Hello Everyone.  I just wanted to let you all know that, Black and White Coffee (that’s me), will be taking a short break from doing Coffee at Palm 2 until after the new year. We’ll be back up and running on January 7. I was supposed to be there this weekend, but I’ve come down with a rather horrible bug -so apologies to anyone, who had come to get their caffeine fix!I hope everyone has a very merry x-mas and new year and I’ll hopefully catch some of you around the pond before then!

  71. @nightboat@traxcitement just shared this over on another forum for your neighbour @cbphackney looking for pics of the Clapton Beauty Parlour, but looks like it might be of interest to you too! Looks like your shop was an estate agents, Alan Selby & Partners.

  72. Ah! Thank you, that’s very interesting. I wonder if those are the original windows. If so, I’ve got it wrong with the windows I’ve put in – but hopefully they look OK anyway. Work is proceeding at a cracking pace. The new extension’s been built and just needs pointing now. I had a bit of a dilemma with the brick – match the darker stock brick of the original building, or the lighter brick of the existing 80s/90s extension. In the end I decided it would look less silly if I chose the latter, but in an ideal world the existing extension would’ve matched the brick correctly in the first place and then I’d have had no such dilemma.

  73. @nightboat @ewebber looks like it was a shoe shop in 1975 as well…

  74. I live with my girlfriend in Clapton Square right next to the site, and we cant wait for your cafe to open! Thats great news about it opening in may – just wondering will you be having an outside seating area?

  75. Hopefully, but it depends on arrangements for wheelchair access. Even if not, though, the Clapton Square-facing side will have fully openable folding windows for hot, sunny days – the next best thing.

  76. Isn’t it amazing how suspiciously one is regarded when taking photographs.  One of your workmen spent a long time checking me out visually as I was looking at your place armed with my camera on Monday.Did you solve your window style problem?  What sort of style are the windows at the back along the whole row?  When changing windows over the years people often don’t bother about those to the rear being out of sight and also on account of the cost.   Which way does the prevailing weather strike the building.  If not to the back then perhaps those windows will tend to be original.  I admire your attention to detail.  I hope your project will be highly successful. If you ever need a resident old fogey to sit and reminisce about Hackney then I’m your man.  Second thoughts though – that might drive customers away!

  77. @peterkurton I know what you mean about photography – I think it’s just the way of things these days. It even happened to me on my own project! The guy driving the skips lorry rather stroppily asked me why I was taking photos of him collecting a full skip. The contractor had to explain that I was actually the client and that the skip collection just happened to be taking place whilst I was taking a progress photo of the building works. The windows on the rear extension facing Clapton Square will match those that have already been fitted, i.e. timber sliding-sash windows. The actual rear of the building, the gable wall, has always been window-free and will remain that way. Anyway, thanks for your kind words. The coffee shop, when opened, will welcome everyone – including old fogeys who like to reminisce about Hackney! And I’d be more than happy to listen, provided there’s no one waiting for me to serve them of course…

  78. Are you applying for a license for this, @Nightboat ? The Railroad Cafe and Hackney Pearl have I think found a bit of success offering the odd alcoholic beverage at night, and god knows the area could do with a watering hole.

  79. I will be applying for a licence in the fullness of time, yes – not to begin with, but after a year or two, when the business has established itself and is running reasonably smoothly. One of the conditions on my planning permission restricts opening hours to no later than 8pm, so I’d need to apply to change that. But all in good time.

  80. So happy to find this thread and to find that a sympathetic local is taking this and putting heart into it.  My husband and I bought our flat along your side of Clapton Square around 15 months ago and have excitedly watched this project get underway!  We got the planning permission application through and almost felt like responding and saying ‘yes please and can it be done as quick as possible?’.  We’ll be regulars in your coffee shop.  Personally, if you want my two-penneth too, I think a flower shop would do exceptionally well in the little unit.  I’ll happily come buy and those grand Georgian property owners across the way are likely customers!  How exciting – can’t wait til May!  Ps. Don’t know if it’s the same chap now, but your site manager was very nice and chatty a few months ago when I asked him about what was happening to the property.

  81. Thanks for the sentiments, hackneyontheup! I agree – a florist would be very well-suited to the small shop. If anyone knows any florist who’d be interested, feel free to send them in my direction.

  82. Hi again @nightboat I’m interested in your comment that your opening hours are restricted to no later than 8pm. I was just wondering if you’re considering opening as late as this each evening, as I think Hackney is lacking decent cafes that are open beyond normal shop hours?

  83. @jason you might be interested in this thread about late coffee on the coffee lover group

  84. Hi @jason, the short answer is yes. But not straight away – probably not within the first year, if I’m being honest. It’s definitely a long-term aspiration, though.

  85. agree with Jason here – would be great for the cafe to be open until 8pm

  86. great about the fully openable sliding windows by the way and possibility of outside area

  87. Hi nightboat, It’s great to see your project coming together and the end of the final remnants of the Apollo PVC world! Have you decided on the final look? I hope you will not have to resort to using any ugly shutters when so close to the police station. I agree with others that later opening hours would really work for your business. I live on Clapton Square, and I’m pleased to see you have taken time to see what will work best in our beautiful Georgian square. I manage a group on LinkedIn called \Hackney Community” and would be pleased to send an announcement to our members when your cafe is ready to open. Just pop me a note when you have the champagne on ice and you’re about to cut the red ribbon!”

  88. Thanks for the offer Feeno, I’ll let you know when opening is imminent. Both the retail unit and the cafe will have shutters but they’ll be portcullis-style and will be behind the glass, so won’t look too obtrusive. As for the final look, I’m still working on that but all the ideas should come together in the next couple of months… It would be great if I could open in time for the Clapton Festival but if not, it won’t be too long afterwards (hopefully).

  89. Im sure you dont need yet more design tips/ requests Nightboat but if I were to add mine to the pile…Ive often thought if i were to have a cafe/ bar I’d combine the classy green and gold of the signage of the Savoy Cafe with the globe lighting set up that you can see in Arans Cafe in Stamford Hill.   Please ignore me at your liesure.

  90. @GavinRedknap Well, I’d like think I’m open-minded enough to consider suggestions so keep ’em coming! But which Savoy Cafe? There are a fair few in London. As it happens, I am going for globes – above the front counter and possibly by the windows in the rear. I’ve always been torn about them: I love them vs. they’re rather unoriginal. ‘I love them’ has won, and to hell with originality. Quite hard to open an original-looking cafe anyway, nowadays, as a glimpse at some of the other new openings across town might indicate.

  91. @nightboat this is the Savoy Cafe on Graham Rd
    The signage was renovated recently with a kind of racing green base and gold lettering, unfortunately the kebab shop that took it over has since covered it up.

  92. Oh and globes in cafe’s arent so much un-original as classic! I could imagine them here:

  93. That’s the one. A couple of years back the sign was renewed (whether its a copy or the original was restored I dont know) but then the new owners covered over ‘cafe’ with ‘kebab’. Somehow Savoy Kebab somehow doesnt quite capture the charm of the old Cafe. Its done in coloured glas with gold lettering.

  94. Classic – yes, I like that better. And that’s one of my favourite paintings ever. Love the counter and the floor in the Savoy, too.

  95. I’m sure classic globe lighting would work beautifully. I agree it is difficult to be original, but I think it is still possible to create a very unique touch. If you are looking to establish a cafe that people talk about or say WOW – I think all the little touches and attention to detail really add up. I love all the usual – exposed bricks, rustic tables, globe lighting, lanterns, candles, chandeliers, stained glass windows, nice art work on the walls and of course great friendly service. Lots  of cafes have most of these elements, and often become clones of one another. The only \wow” place that stands out in my recent memory was Lounge Lover bar a few minutes down the road. Even though this is not a cafe the interior is something you don’t forget easily. Anyway I think your location is your greatest asset so I can only see it being a success.”

  96. I agree, Lounge Lover’s interior is pretty special. I’ve got to dampen expectations a little bit here, though: my budget is not in the same ballpark! Also, one thing to note is: the cafe’s initial look, menu, opening hours etc. will not final – all will improve and evolve as we bed in.

  97. We are nearby, get free wifi and I’m there!

  98. Just tagging on to the end of this one and very excited to see things progressing every day as I wander past, YEAY!!! If you need any help, do let us know! 🙂

  99. Thanks Bronwen!

  100. Recently moved into Clapton, glad to have found this great site!  Just bought a house which needs a complete refurb and nightboats building work so far looks great!  I was wondering if your builders are worth recommending? always great to see current work, look forward to popping in for a coffee soon!

  101. I’ve been equally impressed with the work on the new coffee shop. Looks like they’re a great outfit. Really looking forward to seeing it finished. @antony If you’re ever in the need for anything furniture-based – fitted or otherwise – I work locally and know many other makers in the area who can assist with small and larger jobs. Happy to offer advice. (The lovely Chase & Sorensen cafe down the road was one of our build projects.)

  102. @antony Welcome! Broadly happy to recommend my builders. No builders are perfect and these are no exception, but the standard of work is generally good and I’m pretty happy with what I see so far. If you want his contact number, PM me.

  103. @karlrees I’m looking forward to seeing it finished too! What’s delaying it at the moment is… er, me. Me and my indecisiveness when it comes to choosing paint colours (internally). I thought the decor would be ‘the fun bit’ but I’m actually too much of a perfectionist for that….

  104. Hi nightboat, I very much like the choice of paint colours you have used so far – but especially the colour used on the gift shop. I hope you don’t mind me asking what type of paint and colour you used? I’m planning to repaint an internal door in my home and I really fancy this colour. Previously, I have gone for a Down Pipe Grey from Farrow & Ball, and was going to repaint in this colour until I saw the stunning finish on the Gift shop.

  105. Hi feeno, thanks. The paint colour on the gift shop frontage (not chosen by me, btw – although I like it very much) is Farrow & Ball no. 31 (‘Railings’).

  106. Many thanks Nightboat. It looks like this colour is a new addition to their collection. Good luck with the final paint work – may also worth looking at heritage paints from Little Greene or Earthborn if still a bit undecided about internal colours.

  107. Thanks for the tip, I’ll investigate…

  108. Good news: the shop next to the cafe is finally ready and will open for business tomorrow. It’s called Shop On The Square and it’s a cracking little place. It’s exactly the kind of thing I had in mind when I decided to split the video-rental store into two, creating an additional shop. I’m lucky to have found tenants who’ve done such a cracking job. Check it out!

  109. Hi there, I’ve really enjoyed reading about the progression of the cafe.I was just wondering if you can send me the email address of where to send CV’s for the jobs available?Many thanks.

  110. Hi fidge, please email CVs to Thanks.

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