Cooper & Wolf on Chatsworth Rd/Millfields

Looks like building work is still happening so opening won’t happen by the promised mid/end June. Anyone got any more details on it?


  1. I walked past Cooper & Wolf on my way to the Chatsworth Market. The signs are up and work was going on inside.I’ve just checked the website and the opening date will be this Friday 5th July. Very exciting!

  2. A coffee place! I thought it was going to be some sort of interior design place.

  3. Oh bum. Their menu contains a fair few of the things I was planning for my menu. I can’t believe they’re selling pytt i panna… gutting! I was hoping to introduce the area to that little delicacy, which I first fell in love with in Gammelstad, just outside Luleå. Oh well, unlucky timing on my part. If anyone from Cooper and Wolf is reading this, let me say for the record that any similarities between our menus are entirely coincidental! Great minds think alike, or something… That aside, it’s a cracking place – good location, nice coffee, friendly service and I enjoyed their Swedish meatballs too.

  4. pytt i panna is lovely. my mum is swedish, so standard left overs cooking. nice.

  5. I was going to go there for breakast on Saturday morning – but they weren’t open at 9ish – so went to Venetia’s instead. Tried going for lunch today but they were packed at 1ish – mostly due to the market – will eventually check it out.

  6. I had a great coffee and pastry there on Saturday morning. It is such a good location for the cafe with the view on the park and up along Chatsworth Road.Only downside for me was that it was packed full of prams and filled with baby noise. But I suppose that’s just life.

  7. \Only downside for me was that it was packed full of prams and filled with baby noise. But I suppose that’s just life.” If one sentence (and one place) underscores the gentrification of lower Clapton this is it.”

  8. Great stuff, I’ll have to check it out next time I’m wandering in that direction and in need of some caffeine.

  9. We visited a couple of days ago. The coffee was lovely and we enjoyed the food, but I felt that everything was over priced. There was also more staff than customers, there must have been about 8 people working on a quiet Friday morning.

  10. Just call it ‘biksemad’ and you’ve got the Danish version, probably better anyway ; )

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