Computers, cables, components, batteries, monitors, etc

I’ve accumulated quite a bit of tech kit over the years that would be better being used somewhere than sitting in boxes. I’m sure there are other people out there in similar situations, if you’re one of them post a description of what you have here. I have a few systems which with the right bits and bobs I could turn into working machines and sell/donate them on.I currently have:- fully functional dual core pc, small form factor which I’ve used as a very reliable htpc with a good graphics card with hdmi out- thinkpad x31, very portable and works really well- macbook pro (old gen), not in great condition tbh, few keys missing on the keyboard and the hdd needs replacing but otherwise runs pretty well- new boxed kvm switch- couple of routers/switches- nikon coolpix l6 camera (boxed)- generic webcam- gigabyte geforce 7200gs- external hard drives, 250gb and 320gb- lots of spare usb, power, video cables- ramThings I’d like to swop for:- old picture frames- art- guitar lessons- vegan dinners- car repair- swim coaching- painting/decorating- bike repair/maintenance- wine/beer/booze of most kinds (but not that old bottle of eggnog)