**Competition** Win £30 worth of shopping with Hubbub

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at Hubbub to give you the chance to win £30 worth of credit to spend on your shopping. Hubbub make deliveries from some fantastic local independent shops so our lucky winner will be able to stock their cupboards with staples or treat themselves to some yummy goodies. As well as the chance to show off their culinary skills.

To enter all you need to do is: 

tell us your favourite get-you-out-of-a-tight-spot meal?

Either a midweek post-work saviour or dinner party standby.

**Post your answers in this forum thread**

The winner gets a £30 Hubbub credit as well as their recipe published and promoted on the Hubbub website. You can find out more about Hubbub in the yeah! Hackney interview  over here and on their website:  www.hubbub.co.uk

Small Print

» The closing date is midnight on Tuesday 20th September

» You will need to be a member of yeah! Hackney to enter but sign up is super quick and you can do that  over here

» The best answer will be chosen by Hubbub

» Entrants name and email will be passed onto Hubbub for the purposes of correspondance related to the competition

» The winner will need to have a delivery address in Hackney (to check if you are in Hubbub’s delivery area simply go to  the website)


  1. Think for me it’s a \posh” fish finger sandwich:* Seeded loaf toasted* Decent fish fingers – maybe even “animal” style (fried with mustard)* Rocket or other nice leaf* Mayo* Slice in half and serve”

  2. Mediterranean medley which requires a pit stop at the infamous TFC in Dalston (but any of the terrific Broadway Mrkt off-licences work)Cube of halumi – sliced and grilledHumus – ’nuff saidaubergines, red peppers, onions and zucchini with lemon zest : grilledTurkish flat bread / pitta – can’t beat this for 30 p a loafOlivesFeta yup yup.

  3. amazing! hooray for hackney hubbub! my favourite i’m-so-tired-and-need-something-delicious-NOW standby is super easy and far, far tastier than the amount of effort required to make it would suggest: roasted broccoli and prawns.  it sounds a little odd but it’s incredible. toss broccoli florets (1 head is enough for 2 people) with 2 tbsp oil, 1/2 tsp each of ground cumin and ground coriander, 1 tsp salt, and a pinch each of ground pepper and chili powder. throw into a baking tray and put into a hot oven. when it’s been in for 10 minutes, throw in about the same amount of raw, peeled prawns as you have broccoli. stir through to coat and roast for 10 more minutes. when the prawns are just opaque,take out, squeeze over half a lemon, and serve – rice, crusty bread or a nice tomato salad makes a meal of it. and only one dish to wash – yay! honestly – spicy, crunchy, easy and so moreish. can’t wait to see everyone else’s recipes…

  4. Choosing a winner is clearly going to be difficult…I think we need a taste test 🙂

  5. My standby (which i have to admit to initially stealing from the fat cat cafe in n16) is: – heat some oil in a pan and start frying 2 1cm thick slices of halloumi + add some chopped up bell peppers- add boiling water to cous cous in a bowl and leave with a plate on top for a few minutes- fork paprika through the cous cous- mix everything bar the halloumi in a bowl with salad leaves and chopped sun-dried tomatoes- serve with the halloumi on top- profit Quick and easy and I usually have all the ingredients

  6. I like to have a ring of Chorizo in the fridge for such times.Equipped with that, I slice it up thinly and fry.Put pasta on the boil…Toast some pine nuts…Chop some sun blushed tomatoes…When the pasta is ready and drained, stir everything in till it’s looking rather red and then sprinkle with coriander leaves.Super yum!

  7. Ah, yours are all so healthy!  This recipe was mastered when I was 21, back in my days as a starving uni student in the states (just moved to London 3 weeks ago to renew my status as a starving uni student at the age of 37.) Originally titled: 60 Cent Stroganoff — but will call it 60 Pence Stroganoff as I believe the price would be about the same. 1 Packet Ramen Noodles (beef flavor works best, chicken is OK)1 Dollop Sour Cream3 Shiitake Mushrooms Slice mushrooms while bringing water to a boil.Drop ramen noodles + mushrooms in and cook until noodles are done.Drain off water.  Add flavor packet and large dollop of sour cream.Stir until mixed.Eat quickly before the noodles cool and the mass hardens into an indigestible lump. To date, this is one of my favorite comfort foods. It’s wretched in exactly the right ways. XX

  8. Pasta putanesca…fry red onions and garlic down, add red wine (more and cheaper than you reckon), tinned tomato, anchovies, tabasco, balsamic and/or marmite/worcester sauce then simmer while spaghetti cooks. Chuck in some tinned black olives at the end and basil if you have one on your window sill, stir into spaghetti and serve. Tasty, quick and pseudo impressive (goes great with cheap (‘rustic’) italian reds.

  9. For me it’s aubergine, halloumi and tomato bake. Stick the oven on, slice the aubergine and halloumi, layer them up with oil (some good rape seed oil), sliced garlic and a tin of chopped tomatoes, season and chuck in the over for 20 mins. Serve with thinly sliced potatoes that have been roasted with whole garlic cloves, thyme and lemon slices. yum

  10. For me its just tomato soup…just roast some cherry tomatoes with crushed garlic and oil for about 15 minutes. while you do that cook some onions with balsamic vinegar in a pan. Take the tomatoes out the oven and chuck the garlic away. put tomatoes in the pan with some vegetable stock and wizz it with some basil. dried or fresh – depending on the ‘tight spot’. easy and cheap.

  11. Is it wrong that I *really* want to try 60p Stroganoff? Running the risk of getting sacked, I do like a pot of sexed up two-minute noodles now and then. I work for Hubbub so this isn’t an entry, but my oh-buggar-no-food standby is nasi goreng, albeit an impoverished version: -stir fry beaten eggs with soy sauce, set to one side-fry loads of garlic and chilli flakes until soft-add a massive squeeze of tomato ketchup (for real) and a couple of tablespoons of fish sauce. Stir for a bit until, erm, saucy.-chuck in frozen peas and anything remotely suitable if you have it (leftover roast meat, tofu, prawns) and some cooked rice, add loads of soy sauce and a handful of those crispy onions you can buy in shops around Dalston (the crack-cocaine of standby ingredients).-stir fry over a high heat, taste, add more fish sauce or soy.-serve topped with the omlettey stuff and more crack-cocaine fried onions. And preferably an inadvisably massive dollop of sriracha chilli sauce. But for hangovers? Spaghetti, butter and grated Parmesan. It’s the only way.

  12. Haha, excellent. Am nodding enthusiastically about the spaghetti/ butter/ parmesan hangover cure. It’s like a duvet day in a bowl!

  13. Super Super Super Easy Value beans, mix in chilli flakes, cumin, rock salt, black pepper, Heat in the pan. At the same time slice a red onion, sprinkle with a little sugar, a little butter and bang it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Boom! fakey caramalised onions. Mix the hot beans with onion and stir in some rocket. And serve on some toasted crusty bread. And there you have it. My super super Curry bean/Caramalised onion + rocket hunger supressor. : )

  14. My goto was introduced to me by a spanish circus perfomer I lived with on Well St. called Maria. There were actually 5 circus performers in the flat; but that’s another story! Dead simple. 1) Toast some nice bread.2) Rub a clove of garlic over the toast, It’ll act like sandpaper and grate the garlic.3) Sprinkle some nice olive oil over the toast4) Add some black pepper5) Eat with some fresh tomatoes, olive tapenade or whatever you’ve got lying around. Yum!

  15. I was having a dinner party and cooking Thai chicken soup. After about an hour of preparing herbs and spices and cooking up the stock I made the mistake of putting a colander in the sink with no container underneath and poured everything in. All the yummy juice went down the drain while the lemon grass and chiles sat there looking back at me. That was my tight spot. I had uncooked chicken and a selection of uncooked rice – black, red, long grain and so on. I pan fried the chicken with a little soy sauce and cooked up a selection of rice in different pots. Then mixed up mostly white rice with a handful of black in one pot, and a handful of red in another pot an so on. Using a small bowl as a mould I made rice \sand castles” on everyones plates drizzled sesame oil on some olive oil on the others topped with chicken and sprigs of Thai basil. Everyone seemed to enjoy what was basically chicken and rice and came back for more at the next dinner party… just goes to show what good presentation and a cupboard full of deli-delights can do. “

  16. Easy pasta with kale/spring greens, for when you need something quick and sturdy that makes you feel like you’re actually nourishing yourself:Pasta: boil pasta (You know you’re a pro at this.) Everything else:1) put a handful of raisins to soak in warm water2) peel/chop (lots of) garlic, put to sautee in a wok with olive oil (low heat)3) rinse and coarsely chop kale (maybe finger sized ribbons, don’t drain too thoroughly)4) add kale to your wok, turn the heat up, stir continuously, and caramelise your kale.  If the kale’s still quite wet when you put it in, it adds enough water to the wok to start to cook rather than fry the kale (makes it tender), though eventually you do want enough heat that some of your kale gets crispy (not burnt)5) optional things to add to taste: ume plum vinegar (my favourite stealth condiment for all veg) or balsamic vinegar for a little bit of acidity for brightness on the palate; salt; thyme, rosemary or savory6) Drain raisins, add to the wok, mix thoroughly6.5) Optional step depending on wok size: mix drained pasta through the wok – you’ll get more garlicky/herby/sweet/acidic/olive oil/sauce on more of the pasta (and more evenly distributed)7) Serve over/tossed through pasta with lots of grated hard, old cheese – the tangy sheep flavor of pecorino is brilliant with the sweet and savoury.  Salt and (freshly ground black) pepper at the table can also tweak your final flavorVoila!  Food in 15 minutes, more colourful than just pasta, way tastier than a multivitamin.

  17. Ooh, @leyn, that sounds great. Even better, think I have some kale lurking guiltily at the back of the fridge…

  18. @clarabow  Glad to be of service!  Let me know how it turns out, or if any of the steps are unclear for someone actually following the recipe?  Writing it up has left me hungry – surprise surprise (not.)

  19. What a whole lot of fantastic answers 🙂 The competition is now closed, thanks to everyone took part , now it’s down to Hubbub to make the tough decision of choosing a winner, which we will announce shortly.

  20. After much debate, we have a winner!Although we were tempted by @Ollie ‘s bruschetta, tantalised by @Zosienka ‘s chorizo and  loved the sound of @Leyn ‘s kale pasta (not to mention the tears we shed over @Ganly ‘s lost stock!), the winner is @Clarabow and her spiced, roasted broccoli and prawns!Thank you to everyone for entering, and congratulations to Clarabow! We’ll be in touch to let you know how to claim your prize, and to make sure we have your recipe right for the Hubbub site :-)Big loves from the Hubbub Team

  21. wowsers, so exciting – i’ve never won anything before! and got a fistful of delicious new recipes to try out as well – double win!

  22. Well done @clarabow !

  23. Congrats, @clarabow ! 🙂

  24. ah, thanks @stacyb and @yeahhackney for the high fives… i’ve never won anything before, i’m ecstatic! can’t wait to choose some treats from the wonderful hubbub…!

  25. Awww, shucks 🙂

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