Competition to win some Sugru to Hack things better!

yeah! Hackney has teamed up with the lovely people at  Sugru to give away some of their wonderful product to one of our members.

Sugru helps you make your things better and they love to know how you would use their product the best hack idea will win a pouch of 12 multi-colour minipacks of Sugru so they can make it happen.

So tell us your best ideas to hack with Sugru in the forum thread below.

To find out more about Sugru head over to our interview over here: or check out the Sugru blog for inspiration at:

The small print

» The closing date is midnight on Friday 18th November 2011

» You will need to be a member of yeah! Hackney to enter but sign up is super quick and you can do that over here

» The best answer will be chosen by Sugru

» Entrants name and email will be passed onto Sugru for the purposes of correspondance related to the competition

» The winner will need to have a delivery address in the UK


  1. Dear clever Sugru people As my house and most of my possessions are nearly falling apart I would find winning this competition very useful. Here’s a (not even comprehensive) list:

    1. My winter coat is very old, but I love it as it is very warm. However it is missing the zip-pull thingy. I would make a new one for it out of Sugru as at the moment I have to do the zip up using a match or the end of a biro. This stops me looking professional in meetings and is probably therefore scuppering any career advancement plans I might have.

    2. I would mend the upright bit of the bannister at the top of my stairs, as it’s really wobbly at the moment and I think someone will probably crash through it and suffer horrible injuries soon, if not actually plummet to their deaths.

    3. The tap in the bathroom is leaking just underneath the twisty bit. I think a bit of Sugru strategically placed would probably solve this annoyance nicely, which would mean I could go on holiday with my partner without worrying about the house flooding. A short break away from everything would probably save our relationship.

    4. The bridge on my guitar is slightly loose. Sugru, again, might go some way to sorting this out, although I imagine there would be some deterioration in sound quality. However this would be outweighed by not having to retune the guitar ever four minutes, and therefore might bring my dreams of joining mid-90s Britpop sensations Elastica on-stage at their inevitable comeback concert nearer to fruition. I don’t think they would accept stopping after every song for me to tune the guitar, especially as I can’t do it very fast and have to hum the note after I’ve played it, to double check as my sense of pitch isn’t brilliant.

    5. My freezer doesn’t shut properly. Without examining the reasons in more depth I couldn’t say exactly how Sugru could help, but I’m sure it could.  At the moment I can’t store anything in it as it freezes up faster than the North Pole on it’s annual re-ice, as shown so dramatically in David Attenborough’s fine Frozen Planet series, on the BBC at the moment.

    6. The plug points in my bedroom are in a very inconvenient location (right behind the bookcase), so it is very difficult to get to it to switch things on and off. Therefore I generally keep my television on standby (I know this is bad for the environment, but I do cycle everywhere to make it up to the Earth). The flashing red standby light is really distracting, especially on those long dark nights of the soul when all you want to do is sleep but all you can do is stare into the dark void of the witching hour, watching the little red light flash on and off and on and off. And on. And off. And on. And off. Forever. Anyway, I think a little tab of Sugru would probably cover it nicely and be quite aesthetically pleasing as well.These are six ways that I would use Sugru. There are many more, but that’s a start.I hope I win. I feel quite sad at the moment, what with the recession and us starting military action in Iran, and also my zip being broken, so it would be nice.

  2. Hey @roszs – by posting it seems I’ll reduce your chances of winning to 50/50. But don’t be sad; if you don’t win the prize I’ll give you a bit of gaffa tape for the LED on your TV. My planned sugru hack is for my car. It’s a kinda old luxury car that I was given in preference to it being scrapped – reuse before recycling is a great motto. One of the luxuries was a state of the art (then) on board monitoring system that replays an actors voice warning if something seems faulty. For this to work there are sensors all over the place, including two rubber bulbs under the bonnet. Well, they were rubber bulbs once; over time they’ve perished with one being ineffectual and the other fell off a while back. So now the sensors tell the ships computer that somethings up and I get a \Warning bonnet not closed” message each time I navigate those delightful traffic calming bumps in the road. Irritating yes but more worrying is that this might cause an MOT failure and end the cars life. So with the end of a chopstick and a wodge of sugru I’ll be able to reform the male parts and get the sensors to make sense again – saving a whole car from premature death. Hurrah! and they can even be multi-coloured too 🙂 I was thinking of using a bagel as a mold since the hole is about the right size but now I think I should be able to use the good half of the sensor as the former and just peel off the flexible sugru to get a perfect fit. Supercool! “

  3. @ganlydarn it, that’s a good ‘un! Good luck! I’ll take you up on the gaffer tape 🙂

  4. ok both of the previous posts were great, most propably i wont make it but i ll give it a the way the zip coat idea was fantastic ….it gave me few ideas too anyway..My biggest problem in UK are SPIDERS..its unbeleivable how big this buggers can become and they always find their way into home inside cracks in the windows and floor.. that my owner of course no question about fixing ….i hate the little buggers and the idea of them reproducing in my house freaks me out…i dont’t know if any of you outhere feel similar… SOOO 1st thing will be to close every little crack using SUGRU to avoid the above mentioned tragedy :)2nd will be to glue down all those tiles in my balcony and kitchen that wobble around and tend to brake in smaller pieces due to this …soo Sugru will be my house renovation tool and friend.3rd i love music and i aimesly trying to learn how to play my saxophone, which although has a few buttons that start to wear off so maybe i can replace the putting with Sugru so it will be my music buddy too.4th Fridge is wobbling around due to lack of one of its supports WHAT A BETTER WAY OF REPLACING THAN WITH SUGRU!!5th if its as strong as they say i ll use  it to make my own original cloth hunger behind my door, key holder or other decorations on my walls, photo holder or maybe even make my own slippers too :)Use it as a first class designing material which it is.the more i write the more ideas come in my mind so i think i ll stop hustling now..if you want to know more them email me :)OOOHHH BUT THE GREATEST AND MOST USEFULL IDEA FOR ME WOULD BE TO BUILT MY OWN SILENCER FOR MY SAXOPHONE SO THAT I CAN PRACTISE WITHOUT TORTURING MY NEIGHBOORS…..YEAH THAT WILL BE THE BEST ONE YET FROM ME. what do you think..will i make it?

  5. I make doll houses in my garage workshop – mostly from wood and sometimes with acrylic.I’d like to try using sugru to add details to doors, stairs, furniture, maybe some LED lights – that kind of stuff.

  6. It’s the last day of this competition, so get your Sugru hacking ideas in by midnight tonight!

  7. hello all I think @roszs has set the bar very high on this but here goes. 
    This is not for me, you understand but my long suffering wife and cats. And if there’s any benefit for me then that’s just a bonus. 

    1. The catch on the door on the cat box that we use to take them to the vet has snapped off. being a soft plastic it’s ungluable with a glue gun and we now have to tir it with string which isn’t ideal. I could use some Sugru to mold around the broken piece and get my poorly designed cat box full-functioning again. 

    2. Some idiot (me) decided that the doors on the record shelves in the living-room would look nicer without handles so they (me) never fitted any. This combined with the over strong springs on the cupboard that some fool (me) used makes them almost impossible for my wife to open without some effort and a broken nail. A little bit of sugru, neatly shaped in an organic form, in one of the lovely colours on each door would do the trick. 

    3. The top bolt on our back door always slips down overnight to the unlocked position as it wasn’t designed to be used vertically but horizontally. A little bit of Sugru applied to the bolt would hold it in the locked position until it was needed to be unlocked. A sticker in the front window \This is a Sugru house” would probably deter any bad people from attempting to break in. 

    4. This one is for me. I get shoulder pains from using my laptop. I would make a small Sugru stand to angle it to a more comfortable position when I’m using it. I would be less moany and the rest of the household much happier. 

    5. Our clothes dryer being a metail covered in plastic affair has started to rust in places but worse has lost its rubber feet which means that it scratches the lino in the bathroom unless we put it on the bathmat. In turn this means that we then have to put a towel on the floor to use as a bathmat. This is usually the towel that’s already on the floor that the cat likes to sleep on under the radiator. He’s then left with a wet towel. Who would have thought a little piece of Sugru could bring so much happiness? I probably have more things I could fix or make better to tell you about but I’m late to go and meet someone. This is because the strap on my watch broke and I haven’t been able to fix it. Oh….. Paul 

  8. Well, all entries so far are unspeakably clever and quirky. Me, I just need a little chunk of Sugru for the endpin spike of my cello, which is missing a rubber protector. Not ideal with floorboards everywhere… So can I appeal to the winner of this competition to kindly let me have just a little bit of the Sugru pack they will have undoubtedly deserved to win? Thanks in advance!

  9. What an amazing bunch of entries, thanks to everyone that took part. The competition is now closed and the winner will be announced soon.

  10. Wow! love love love your entries!
    You’ve all convinced us you need a pack, how could we choose?! I’ll get your details from Emily and make sure we get a pack out to you all.@maromar did you see there’s a step by step project showing how to make a silencer for a trumpet here from a water bottle and sugru 🙂 that top bolt hack is lovely! ha! for your front window you win you extra sugru stickers!@ganly wow! imagine if we can help you pass your MOT – that would bloody rock! will you post about it on what a great story that would beand @roszs for being first in there and all round full of awesomeness and because it’s getting a bit nippy you win also a HACK THINGS BETTER t-shirt for wearing under your winter coat with its new zipper. What size would you like?Yeah Hackney people rock!Jane”


    If you have anymore of this around (silencer posts) pleaseeee forward it have a very nice week all of youxxx maromar

  12. Aww, that’s so typically gracious of you Jane; you’re such an inspiration. And welcome to YeahHackney @projectsugru – we’re practically neighbours. @roszs – I still have a strip of gaffa tape with your name on it, but I can’t send it so you’ll have to come to a twee8 or something. I was going to buy a pack of sugru anyway since I didn’t think I’d win the prize. Now I think I’ll buy some anyhow as an xmas present for my Dad. And my brother. And… cor blimey govna – I might have half my Christmas shopping done locally…

  13. Wow! I am VERY HAPPY about this, how nice of the lovely Sugru people!Re my t-shirt (yay!) I am a size 10-12 ladyperson, so maybe another lady in the office could judge what would be best 🙂

  14. @roszs @ganly @maromar cool! – @sukiKF will be in touch to get prizes out! oh and one for you too @ewebber!

  15. roszs — coming late to this, but loved your hyperbolic reasoning: sugru = saves people from falling to their deaths. But of course! Do you have a blog? — would like to read more of your strung-out musings. 🙂

  16. Hi All That’s a brilliant result. Very excited about fixing things around the house. Thanks again to @projectsugru for the prizes, P

  17. @projectsugru thanks so much – what a great competition (for a great product)

  18. When I got home last night I had a hand delivered pack of Sugru on my doormat, with a lovely personal note. I’d mentioned that I live about 3 blocks away from Sugru HQ, but I wasn’t expecting that! Looking forward to some kneading and twiddling this weekend 🙂

  19. What’s better than Christmas? A pack of sugru in the letter box! Thanks sugru & Suki (& Emily)!

  20. @daniel – haha! no blog I’m afraid, maybe I’ll start one 😉@projectsugru – mine arrived yesterday! Going to start my hacking this weekend – my keyring broke this morning as well, and rather than annoyance I actually felt pleasure at the thought of mending it!

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