**Competition** Become a Shoe Design Icon! 1 day workshop

We have teamed up with I CAN Make Shoes to bring you a very exciting competition for a one day shoe design workshop worth £75. To be in with the chance of winning this prize, all you have to do is tell usWhat are your favourite pair of shoes and whyBe creative! Amanda Luisa from I CAN Make shoes will pick a winner who can either keep the prize for themselves, or receive it as a gift token to give as a present.To find out more about I CAN Make shoes, head over to the blog——–The Small printYou will need to be a member of YeahHackney to win you can register here if you are not.There is 1 prize or a Become a shoe design Icon workshop worth £75.The competition closed at 7pm on Monday 20th December the winner will be announced very soon afterwardsThe prize can be used in Jan or Feb at any of the dates on the I CAN Make shoes website. The winner will need to book first.”


  1. My all time favourite shoe is my nude slit toe Christian Louboutin heels. These are my favourite shoes for many reason…please see below;1. Most importantly they are the most comfortable heels I have EVER worn.2. I have wanted them for the past 5 years and never thought I’d own a pair but treated myself at my job before being made redundant. 3.They are nude so go with absolutely everything!4. They are not over the top or too noticeably5. They are elegant6. They are ALL mine and I doubt I’ll ever find a shoe that could compare!

  2. So they might not be designer shoes or particularly elegant at that….but I absolutely LOVE my snow boots. As well as being ultra warm and comfy they have seen me through a ski season, so when I wear them they remind me of lots of brilliant snowy times in France!

  3. My favourite shoes are not actually my shoes – they are my mother’s.One of my most vivid childhood memories is of an evening one summer in Italy, when there was an almighty thunderstorm. My parents had earlier walked down to the village for a romantic meal, leaving me with my godmother. A few hours later, they returned, soaked, running up the hill to where we were staying, my mum barefoot with her prized butter-soft white leather sandals clutched under her blouse in an attempt to stop them getting ruined. She loved those sandals. And I love those sandals. They are hideously eighties and just a random German brand, and although subsequent summers have taken them well past their best, I still covet them, probably for the memory more than anything else.

  4. A pair of brown leather pull on ankle boots, heavy and made more for a cowboy than a girl about London town (or so I imagine)… Bought when grunge was here the first time around and on their sixth re-sole, they have seen me through school, gigs, working life countless \my outfit is too girlie” moments and er.. life. I think I’d really cry if I lost them!”

  5. my favourite shoes are silly flirtatious ones. they’re from kenneth cole but i didn’t know that when i bought them. they were on the bargain shelf. they are bright pink, pointy flats with sparkly \diamonds” set into a bow. i feel like a princess when i wear them and they always get oohs and ahs. i think we all like to be princesses sometimes even the tomboys among us.”

  6. My favorite shoes in the world are my KTZ Orthopedics shoes. I saw them on the catwalk and I just had to have them. They consist of a shoe and a detachable leg brace/spat realised in black leather edged in nude. They are inspired by hospital braces but entirely made in super-soft leather. They have buckles the entire way up from the toe to the knee. They are 4 inches high – they are for standing in but certainly not for walking in, who cares, they look amazing. When I open my wardrobe door and look at them they make me happy – they will probably end up in a costume museum one day. I love them.

  7. Thanks for all the great entries, the competition is now closed and we will announce the winner shortly.

  8. After much deliberating our judges have chosen:@e8yim as the winner of the competition for her sheer love of her boots. Thanks to everyone who took part and the great answers. If you weren’t lucky this time, you can sign up for the I CAN Make Shoes workshops through the website here

  9. congrats to the winner! hope to see you blog about your workshop.

  10. My boots and I say thank you very very much! What a lovely surprise for crimbo. I will be sure to blog about it and perhaps show you the new addition to my shoe family.

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