Community Skill Sharing Day

Hello everyone!The diversity and amount of interesting people I’ve met since moving to Hackney is amazing. I am really interested in how to different spaces for learning and connecting people. So, I am organizing an event that gives people a chance to share the skills they have and teach and learn with to people they wouldn’t normally connect to.The project will be a community skill sharing day in Hackney and I really want to ask you for input about it. The idea is to host a day where people who have something they can teach (from bike maintenance, to music, to painting, to hair braiding, to toilet fixing or whatever else is interesting) can come give 1-2 hour workshops for people who are interested to learn. The event will be in early May (still to be determined), but I would love input on skills that should be included as well as volunteers for actually giving a workshop! Please contact me if you are inspired by this! My phone number is 07548040271 or I can be reached at: Thanks!!Lauren