Commie Faggots Present this Thursday

On the second Thursday of every month at Stoke Newington London’s second favourite communist homosexual cabaret act Commie Faggots – – present a panopoly of bands poets and performers who will make you laugh make you cry make you dance and make you think. Whilst strictly speaking we are not necessarily either communist or homosexual we reclaim this slice of bigoted ignorance and wear it as a badge of honour. Find the event on Facebook here : Thursday 13th June we are proud to present:Vibe Machinepolitically charged poetical funk BeauPrepare to be moved swayed and goosebumped all over. GirlA bard who knows how to entertain and make you wee with laughter BroganSmart angry funny and right on the money BearWriter of some of the best and most durable protest songs of the 21st century WaltonA blues-style Roald Dahl in verse Dogfootshe is all about documenting the human journey licks with enlightening lyrics