Commercial units under rail bridge at Hackney Downs Station

I may be posting this in the wrong group since I can’t find an application for this site, however;I noticed last week that the empty commercial units under the Hackney Downs rail bridge (either side of the carpet shop entrance) have been demolished. They were quite nice Victorian shopfronts. Does anyone know what’s happening?


  1. @janice Well, what looks like permanent steel fencing is now going up around the site, so I guess it’s going to look like crap for quite some time.

  2. Yes and I suppose your post is in response to mine about the wonderful graffiti by JPS being sacrificed for whatever is going there. Mind you, it was hideous before – sorry you call it Victorian but it needed a lot of TLC to make it look good and no one had bothered for decades – but it’s still sad.

  3. I find it hard to think of what could possibly go into that space to make it more productive anyway. Seemed like the perfect size for a newsagent/ coffee shop for th morning rush hour. Oh well…

  4. A planning application has been submitted by Network Rail for 3 new commercial units (A1/A3) to replace the ones demolished some time ago.I remember going into the main arch that houses the carpet shop – the entrance to which sits amid these new units – and thinking what a fabulous space it is. Can’t help but imagine it as a small jazz club or similar in a few years.”

  5. I’d give anything for Hackney Downs area first REAL restaurant of any  note. There are no end of betting shops, barbers, nail salons, sometimes-OK cafes, and real estate agents. I can dream, right? 

  6. Not the best location; people would have to avoid the dripping bridge and all the decades worth of bird poo before entering… imagine how unhygienic it would be as a restaurant?

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