Clothing Swap, anyone?

Hi all,This doesn’t go along with the online auction theme, but is a swap idea. Would anyone be interested in organizing/attending a clothing swap? There are a few around London, but not many close/in Hackney. They’re a good way to clear and refresh your wardrobe and meet people.


  1. Hello!  We were just talking the other day about how good it would be to organise one as missed a good one on Homerton on Sunday.  Were trying to think of a good location that wasn’t someone’s house/flat so is easier for people.  I know about 6 people that I think would be up for coming in Hackney but no one has space to host it. Would love to have a baby/toddler/kids clothes swap too if there’s interest – mine is fast growing out of his stuff but don’t want to spend money we don’t have on new stuff he’ll grow out of in 5 mins!

  2. i’d love to do this altho most of the time the clothes just about fit on one of my legs! i’d come anyway if it’s not during the weekend daytime.

  3. Sounds like a good idea, maybe some kind of coffee shop like @chaseandsorensen ?

  4. Hi, this sounds fun, I’d definitely come!This website organises “swishing” events might be cool to list it on there if you set one up?”

  5. Thanks Lizzie. I’ve looked at that website before. Would Chase and Sorensen be open to hosting? Most clothing swaps have a format of paying on entry and have a maximum number of clothing people can bring. There are also other rules that many follow – some have stamp systems, to distinguish between higher end and high street clothes, the state of the clothes etc. What do people think? I’m glad people are interested and would love to start it off! Could be a nice idea to include other used goods, especially as we’re getting into gift season.

  6. and here was i thinking we were just going to do it our own way.. rules? now i feel like a hippy..

  7. I agree – too many rules takes the fun out of it. A big issue is dealing with loads of clothes that nobody wants, after the swap. And I’ve seen some people get a bit greedy, so I think that’s why other swaps use a stamp system. I suppose for a first one we can be very free and see how it goes?

  8. There’s a clothes swap at the fabulous Fabrications on Broadway Market on Sat 3rd Dec, including mince pies!!  See here for details –

  9. If you’ve still got clothes left to swap next Saturday (10th December) I’m organising a clothes swap as part of a Tea Party raising money for the Refugee Council. Do come along and get swishing! tea party

  10. There’s another swap at this fab Broadway Market venue. There will also be a \Mrs Bear’s Vintage” sale rail and an alteration/consultation service available upstairs courtesy of Debs.Check out Fabrications full timetable of crafty workshops too @ You can even come along to a “refresh your wardrobe” workshop the next day!DATE: Sat 28th Jan 2012LOCATION: Fabrications shop7 Broadway Market Hackney E8 4PH”

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