Clissold Park restoration nears completion

The £8.9m restoration of Clissold Park is set for completion late summer 2011 with the mansion house open to the public in autumn 2011.
See details here


  1. There was some controversy over the cafe I wonder what is happening with that now.

  2. There seems to be a lot of controversy over the animals too; hopefully this can be resolved in a way that is best for their welfare.

  3. Hot topic on Radio London at the moment is the smoking ban in certain parts of Clissold Park see here

  4. Hackney Today is reporting that ‘Company of Cooks’ got the five-year contract for the cafe. They do the cafe in Chiswick House which is pretty good.

  5. Clissold Park Cafe (named the House) is now open, The Hackney Citizen have been in and had a peek:

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