Climpson & Sons presents: Burnt Enz

Next event: Sat 7th & Sun 8th July ( us on facebook, twitter & instagram = ) | | @climpson | @burntenz Here’s a bit of guff about what we’re up to… The Climpsons & Sons roastery now lives in a railway arch on Helmsley Place, by London Fields, Hackney.As well as housing the roastery itself, the multi-purpose arch boasts a vast space for dining and events, both inside and out. With a custom-built brick oven and grill in the courtyard, full kitchen, dining floor, beverage and coffee bar indoors, Climpsons serves up a range of dining, drinking and coffee experiences and events.This summer, chef David Pynt (Australia) brings Burnt Enz to the Climpson & Sons space, named for ‘burnt-ends’, the grilled brisket morsels usually only the privilege of chefs. Our ovens are fuelled by applewood from Kent orchard, Chegworth Valley, and also provide the precision heat coals needed to fuel the multi-grill working alongside.Dave compiles seasonal plates using fresh, foraged and hand-picked ingredients, with tailored Burnt Enz menus for each Climpsons’ event. Burnt Enz cook and plate in full view, outdoors in front of diners, with all the sophistication of a Michelin restaurant.The Climpsons’ space is open for Burnt Enz events & weekend sessions throughout Summer 2012, and is also available for private & bespoke events.Please contact for further information.