Climpsons and Sons coffee

I thought it was time to dedicate a thread to Climpsons & Sons, Hackney’s very own coffee roasters. They have a shop (and roast) on Broadway Market E8, source responsibly and have great coffee. They are also online over here: and have a twitter account here:  @climpsonandsons

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  1. It’s actually the only place around here where they are able to make a proper cappuccino! Of course you have to point out that you want a DRY cappuccino, but at least their staff normally know what that means… When you usually ask for a cappuccino, what you get looks more like a bad latte… A cappuccino should have a little bit of milk and quite a bit of froth. And that’s what DRY means, in case you get asked. Then you can only hope that they won’t overheat the milk… The milk should not be brought to boil!.. You should be able to drink it straight away!.. Soory about the rant… This is actually a positive comment 🙂

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