Clapton Tram Depot under threat again

From: new planning application to re-develop the Tram Depot 38-40 Upper Clapton Road was registered 8 December 2010 and is now on the council website

Application ref. 2010/2879 Please Oppose ASAP – the plan is as the previous application minus the Community Hall (see below).The deadline for comments is 31st Jan 2011THREE WAYS TO OPPOSE THE DEVELOPER1) MAKE YOUR OPPOSITION DIRECTLY to Hackney Council Planning Dept. either email Adam Flynn (case officer) your comments FOLLOW THIS LINK AND MAKE YOUR OPPOSITION SIGN THE PETITION HERE: feel free to use the points made here in opposing the application Opposition Letter 2010 2011Since this last application the Depot has been made a Priority Employment Site and Locally Listed.The granting of PEA status should protect the existing jobs on site which the application fails to do. It is also the first building to be awarded Local Listing status by Hackney Council in 12 years! This goes some of the way towards getting a full scale heritage asset review carried out given English Heritage’s new guidelines.Details of the application are here or through searching the application number• This is the fourth application in as many years. All the previous have been withdrawn refused or deemed “unimplementable” having been opposed by depot residents a very large number of local residents local councillors and organizations like the Hackney Society.• Please check for yourself at the above link and leave a comment for the planning dept. to consider.”


  1. This is outrageous. I didn’t realise the Tram depot is one of only two of its kind remaining in the country. I’ve signed.

  2. I’ve objected before, and will do so again. Has anyone actually been to the gallery there? I’ve tried a couple of times and wasn’t actually sure where it was, or if it was still open.

  3. Details about the hearing are over here: is also a demo if people want to take partI’ll close this thread to have one place to talk about it

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