Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group general meeting 21st March

Hi all, here is an agenda for the meeting tonightDate: Monday, March 21, 2011Time: 7.30 – 9.30pmVenue: B6 College, Leabridge Roundabout, E5Agenda:1. Apologies 2. Neighbourhood Development Plan 3. Pond House – a new planning application4.Clapton Hart a presentation by the new owners of The White Hart aka ‘Chimes’5. Former toilets, Milfields Road a new planning application 6. Clapton Festival – June 11, 127. Any Other Business Note: We must finish at 9.30pm as the building has to be closed at 9.45pmYou can continue discussions and get information about Clapton at:www.yeahhackney.comIan Rathbone, Chair


  1. What’s the Clapton Festival when it’s at home?

  2. @gavinredknap – you’ll have to come along to find out more!

  3. I’m going to try, honestly, but I’m probably going to be busy. Go on, tell us!? Or tell us tomorrow at least?

  4. I will tell more tomorrow.CPNAG website is on the way and will be launched soon(ish), once that’s live there will be more info on there.

  5. I’m very curious about number one on the agenda…

  6. @euan I guess you will be there? and @fiantic too – looking forward to meeting you 🙂

  7. Made it for the last half hour last night, so managed to hear about the Clapton Festival and got the end of the story of the Clapton Hart. What did I miss?

  8. @GavinRedknap – ah, you should have come and said hello :)You mainly missed the plans for pond house, which mainly look pretty good, I’ll hunt them down on the Hackney council site at some pointThe video for the neighbourhood development plan, which you can see (and talk about) over here:

  9. @ewebber Was there much talk of the Chatsworth Road Neighbourhood Plan? – unfortunately i couldn’t come.

  10. hey @euan – yup, went down well as always – but really just a showing rather than a big discussion

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