Clapton Music Club: A night on the Edge, Friday 9th Dec

Clapton will never be the same again. Come to ‘A Night on the Edge’ this Friday and see the sublime Orchestra Elastique with bagpipes, harps and wild electronics for only a fiver. Enjoy bargain priced booze, dine on fine goat and veg curry from the Niger Delta and expect lots and lots of love.


  1. Any food for the veggies?

  2. Indeed there is a veggie option –a delicious niger delta stew, with potato ,spinach,carrots,mixed sweet peppers and onion. Thanks for pointing that out – should be on the flyer.x

  3. I was under the impression that the £5 charge on entry last week was for the membership fee. So it’s going to be £5 entry every night?

  4. The £5 charge last week included membership; it’s a £1 more for non-members in future. The entrance charge is to pay for the live band, the costs and a percentage to support the Clapton Improvement Society. We figured better to charge admission and keep low club prices for the drinks. But we’re happy to review if members think otherwise.

  5. What a great venue, I’ll be back 🙂

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