Clapton Conference – 16 May Meeting Reminder

This from CPNAG:


Date: Monday May 16, 7.30 – 9.30pm
Location: St John’s Ambulance Hall, Mildenhall Road, E5

Clapton Conference Networking & Project Meeting

This is the second of the three types of meeting the Clapton Conference will be running. This meeting will be very hands on and is for those of us who are interested in playing an active part in furthering and linking up the information networks of Clapton, information and experience swapping etc, as well as developing collaborative projects with other individuals and groups.

Please note, this meeting is for working together to forward current projects and create new ones, not for finding out about particular issues. There will be an opportunity for such conversations at the third of the Clapton Conference Meetings, on July 4. Anyone interested in finding out about such matters is more than welcome to come to that meeting.

Also, an update from the first form of Clapton Conference meetings, which occured on April 11, will be sent out with an update from this one, in later May.