Clapton Common and its environs – WALK (Anytime)

A historical walk around Clapton Common devised by Architectural Historian Ann Robey of The Hackney Society.Download the leaflet pdf here… did this recently and found it quite interesting, now is a good time to do it as some of the buildings mentioned in the leaflet are about to be demolished.


  1. I’d be interested in doing this, anyone want to join? @alexpink @saladefolle anyone else?

  2. Count me in.

  3. Me too!

  4. @ewebber @alexpink @JaneMacIntyre Don’t forget your cameras!If you are walking up along UCR check out Hadley Court on the corner of Cazenove Road – a 1937 block of private flats set back in it’s own gardens.

  5. @ewebber – I’m back! Have I missed it, or is this still happening? I’d love to join you if it is.

  6. @saladefolle – not yet @alexpink and I are thinking about doing this on Sunday, are you free?@JaneMacIntyre and anyone else?

  7. Can we call it the \Upper Clapton Dance” – sorry @alexpink

  8. @ewebber – dancing all the way around upper clapton? that could be fun. will Alex wear a tutu? sunday’s good for me, anytime really

  9. @saladefolle – I was thinking a little more like this

  10. @ewebber & @alexpink – hahaha, Professor Pink!! ok, but I’m not too keen on the shooting. Cool video though.

  11. @saladefolle @ewebber Interesting lyrics. I swear I heard some investment advice in there.

  12. He’s had his teeth redone since then – hollywood smile

  13. So – are we still doing this? I’m thinking we could start early pm and finish in a grim pub somewhere in UC… Hope @alexpink is practising his swagger with his trousers half-way down his butt (or lower still)!

  14. @saladefolle let’s meet at 2ish – anyone else want to join?

  15. @ewebber sounds good. Meet outside Palm 2! I have 2 for 1 vouchers from the coffee stall, if we want to have a little pick me up before we set off.

  16. cool see you there for one of Jerome’s finest cappuchino

  17. I need a coffee after this mornings cycle. See you in a bit.

  18. A sample of today’s viewing

  19. Or something we won’t be seeing:The swan upper claptonBy Berris Conolly

  20. We started with a needed monmouth coffee from Jerome at Palm 2. We took the walk route with not too much deviation, then headed through Springfield Park, along the lea to end up at The Hackney Pearl
    Here are some of my photos from the walk:

    Black and White Coffee


    The New Synagogue Egerton Road (With Church of the Good Shepherd)

    Church of the Good Shepherd Rookwood Road

    Church of the Good Shepherd Rookwood Road

    Springfield park
    View from Springfield Park

    Robin hood community garden
    Robin Hood community garden

    abandoned chair
    Abandoned Chair

    River Lea
    River Lea

    Emily Home
    Not actually my house

  21. @ewebber love the pictures, thanks for sharing!

  22. yes, some of us needed that coffee more than others… 🙂
    here’s a few more pics from our adventureClapton Common Day Care Centre

  23. yes, some of us needed that coffee more than others… :)here’s a few more pics from our adventure

  24. love that door handle

  25. love that door handle in your second pic

  26. one more…

  27. phew… I’ve graduated to the next level, now that I can post pictures! It was great fun doing thewalk with @ewebber and @alexpink, I hope we get to do another one again soon…

  28. Great photos, the sculpture on The Church Of Good Shepherd is amazing! BTW Emily House used to be a public house called The Beehive, its now residential.

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