Clapton Career Changers

Hi all,

I recently moved to Lower Clapton and am currently undergoing a mid-life crisis… I mean career change! I’ve been a photographer for the last 8 years but now want to do something more rewarding and fulfilling.

I wondered if there were many in the Hackney area that are considering a career change, and would fancy getting together locally. I think it would be rewarding meeting new people, exchanging ideas and progress, networking, moral support, etc. Maybe make it a regular thing.

Anyone interested?



  1. Hi John,

    I’m currently going through a career change as well! I’ve been working in an office environment for about 6 years, and have recently managed to break out. But I really want to use this time to develop my dream and make it become a reality. My issue is, I don’t have too much experience in the area that I want to be in.

    So, I would definitely be interested in setting up a group like this, I think there are already so many amazing organisations, groups, etc in the Hackney area that we should use each other’s experiences to further develop our own but also work together to create something that works for everyone.

    Is there anybody else that’s interested?


  2. Hi Fran,

    I had no interest from this board for some reason, so advertised again on Streetlife:

    We just had our third meet up last night, and I hope to hold one every month or so.



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