City Road developments

I note that construction has at last started on the 20 storey hotel at 151-157 City Road; the 25 storey concrete frame on the adjacent site (159 – Eagle House) has been left untouched for a very long time now; anyone know what’s happening here?I note that the nearby East Road development (student digs hotel and offices) is nearing completion; all done the retail and restaurant sectors in the area should be booming!”


  1. Drove past there yesterday and the cladding is up to about the 5th floor. CAnt say if that’s new but there looked like there was activity going on there.

  2. Thanks @gavinredknap I drove past there today but couldn’t see anyone (but the tower crane for 151-157 was being erected). Since my last post I came across this short article in the Evening Standard from last August stating that it \has been put up for sale by Irish toxic debt organisation the National Asset Management Agency “

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