Cigarette Burns presents: Who Can Kill A Child? @ the Rio


Cigarette Burns cinema

Sat 14th May 1:30pm – 2:30am

Genuinely forgotten not even well enough known to be ignored passed around from one VHS collector to another through hand written notes photocopied 100 times over.

Now dug up revisited and adored Who Can Kill a Child? is an unnerving tale of an English couple on a lovely Spanish holiday who happen upon the wrong island. An island devoid of adults and over run with children with one game in mind.

Presented for the first time in the UK fully uncut and the official screening for the upcoming DVD release on Eureka out on 23 May this 1976 thriller won’t disappoint.

Looking like will will have another killer instalment in our line of tribute shirts on sale at DeeDee’s Vault of Vintage. And the ever present Graham Murphy of Flashback Records who will be bookmarking our holiday adventure with all sorts of goodies. Of course the bar will remain open throughout the film and after. All for a measly £7.50.”