are choppers on this site? anyway i went by wilton way to check out choppers. i was thinking it would be nice not to have to go all the way to brick lane to get my hair coloured. they quoted me £60-70 for my (now shortish) hair. i was a bit shocked. i’m used to (reluctantly) paying these prices but i was hoping a small local salon would be a bit more affordable. what do you all think? and if choppers *are* on here, could they explain this to me?

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  1. Hey Janice i am a free lancer hairdresser (and make up artist) and just moved to Clapton and love to get some new clients and make some new friends alongside. I’ll come to your house for £40 (i understand curly hair, money back if you are not happy) for a cut and we can discuss hair colour too. See my website that has my contact details too. Cheers nat

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