Chiropractor recommendations

I am suffering from some bad back/neck issues and thinking about seeing a chiropractor to try and ease the pain. Does anyone have any recommendations?


  1. I had physio/acupuncture for a bad back recently at Physio Health at Hackney Central. Went for a while and seems to have done the trick

  2. I am having acupuncture, but it’s only relieving the pain for a few days – it feels like I have a pinched nerve or somthing, so really I’m looking for something else.

  3. Isn’t Chiropractic a load of mumbo jumbo?  My sister-in-law saw one for her back and he examined her and said she had ‘sad ovaries’. Osteopath?

  4. @thereminwar that sounds like a bad Chiropractor rather than the whole practice. I’ve not had a great experience with osteopaths, but then I think there is a lot of cross over between them.

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