Chelsea – Hackney Line (Crossrail 2)

With the news that the government appears to be backing the HS2 Birmingham to Euston rail project, does this mean that the Chelsea-Hackney line aka Crossrail2 is a goer?Wiki states that \By bringing in the Euston station to relieve a rebuilt Euston High Speed interchange the Chelsea–Hackney line has a considerably improved business case. [7] Indeed due to the expected numbers flooding onto the tube network at Euston it would become a necessity.” Does anyone know whether this is a defacto green light for the project?”


  1. Hmm well i think it will have to be rubber stamped in Parliament after no doubt further lengthy hindrance by NIMBY groups, but it is good news at the margin. I also heard that the 4*10 million boarers just started up for crossrail 1 are intended for another big tunnelling project – the obvious one being crossrail 2. Seeing as crossrail 1 wont be complete until 2018 though we’re probably talkig at least another 10 years til the completion of crossrail 2. A long wait to get the tube to Hackney. You never know, we may see the DLR here before that:

  2. If anyone’s interested in delving any further into this, read this (techie) blog:

  3. Thanks for that @gavinredknap . I was guessing that since HS2 is due for completion around 2026 they would try and coordinate the opening of the two together, otherwise tens of thousands of extra passengers arriving at Euston would have to cram on to existing tube lines. But, as you say, a long wait.Incidentally, may I be the first to suggest any Hackney-based group opposing crossrail2 to adopt Elvis Costello’s ‘I don’t want to go to Chelsea’ as their theme song;

  4. @gavinredknapThis from ELR News;’London First backs Crossrail2′;”Its conclusions are that by the late 2020s even after the completion of Crossrail Thameslink and the current Tube upgrades central south-west and north-east London’s rail and underground networks will be heavily congested and there will be a critical need for new capacity. This will be best provided by a second Crossrail line connecting these parts of London. Around 1.3 million more people and over 750000 more jobs are expected in London over the next 20 years and as such planning for the next generation of transport improvements post 2020 must begin now.Lord Andrew Adonis Chair of London First’s Crossrail 2 study said: “Forecasts show that demand for London’s public transport systems will continue to grow strongly over the next twenty years – and High Speed 2 will add to the pressures. Crossrail 2 – from the south-west to the north-east of London – is crucial to keep London moving from the 2020s. Infrastructure schemes have a lengthy planning cycle so we need to start planning for Crossrail 2 now.  We must not repeat the mistake of Crossrail 1 and spend 40 years planning and generating support for a scheme needed within 20 years.”””London First will now look in more detail on route options – where the exact route should run and whether it should be a Tube style metro or a Crossrail 1 style metro and make recommendations later this year.””

  5. London First’s report on the new route options for Crossrail 2 will be launched next Tuesday, 5th Feb;

  6. Transport for London are now seeking views on Crossrail 2. Two routes are being proposed which along with the station locations are only indicative at this stage but they would have considerably different impact on Hackney and adjacent areas of east London including the Upper Lea Valley.  There’s the Metro option: an underground railway between Wimbledon and Alexandra Palace and the Regional option which could be a combined underground and overground railway and could operate from Alexandra Palace and Hertford East in Hertfordshire to various locations in south west London and Surrey. More detail here: The consultation will close on Friday 2 August 2013.”

  7. Which route do others think is preferable? For my money, the Lea Valley could benefit from better connections and Hackney would be a better hub for less well connected parts of the borough than Dalston Junction.

  8. @robbieds Here’s the assessment of London First who favour the regional option.

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