Cheese making anyone?

Hello, I have most of the things necessary to make cheese in my kitchen. Am looking for another cheese enthusiast who might have transport or ideas about sourcing raw milk. Generally would love to speak to anyone who is serious about making soft/semi soft/blue cheese. (not really into cheddar or anything mild). Look forward to hearing from you! Emma Jane

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  1. Hi Emma JaneThere’s a guy who sells raw milk at Stoke Newington Farmers market which is at St Pauls Church, Stoke Newington High St every Saturday. This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while, but on a very small scale. I did do it once at a 1-day class, making a fresh goats cheese (I think) but it was a bit hands-off so I’ve got the basic principles but not much more than that. What sort of collaboration are you thinking of? Anyway, friend me if you’d like to direct message about this? CheersKirsten

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