Cheese cloth / muslin

I need to buy some cheese cloth / muslin for a culinary experiment, does anyone know where I can pick some up in Hackney?


  1. I got some from the fabric shop on the walking bit of Mare Street. That was a couple year’s ago and I used it to make rhubarb cordial. Now it sits in the tea towel cupboard eyeing me up guiltily as I haven’t done anything else with it since.

  2. Mermaid fabrics, I was thinking about them, but wasn’t sure if they had it – I’ll pop down tomorrow, thanks

  3. And for anyone interested, here’s is the link for \Hackeny’s premier fabric shop” (sic)

  4. If you are buying it from a habidashers but using it for food, make sure it isn’t bleached or give it a good rinse cycle in a washing machine.I buy mine from a catering supplies shop- Pages (now Nisbett’s) on Shaftesbury Ave, but I wonder if Mistral, on Stoke Newington High st, and it’s ilk, might sell it.

  5. Mermaid had what I was after and I got an off cut for £2, bargin.@nick thanks for the tip, I’ll make sure it’s washed before I use it

  6. Hi, just for future reference, I got some at Dalston Haberdashers on Ridley Road, fab place, and very well priced!

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