Cheap vintage clothing, anyone?

So I’ve got some clothes I’m looking to sell off for cash because I’m moving back to the US for a bit until I get my visa sorted. I have way too many clothes, so I’d like to pass them on to people who would love them. Items are priced to sell. If you’d like to make me an offer for the lot, I’d be interested in hearing it.First up is this:’s a skirt and shirt set that I’m guessing came from the 1970s, judging by its style. These would fit a UK size 6 or 8. The shirt and skirt are both unlined, and the shirt seems to be made from a very thin woolen fabric, while the skirt is polyester. The shirt zips up in the back: and Shirt combo = £15Next, I have a shirt that looks as if it’s from the 1980s or very early 1990s: shirt is made from a thin polyester, and features shoulderpads which can be removed pretty easily. There are buttons all the way down the front of the shirt, which are concealed by the extra flap of material. Suitable for a size 10 or 12.Polka-dot shirt = £8Next up is this pretty purple number:’s no tag, so I’m not sure of how old this item is (I’m guessing 1970s, though not so sure). It’s unlined and has a couple holes near the right pocket due to a previous owner probably sticking her right hand (or his right hand, for all I know) in the pocket a lot. Here’s what the holes look like: too bad, as they’re easy to mend if you feel like mending them. The material has a bit of heft on it, and it’s great for layering over jeans, leggings or wearing the dress as a very mini mini. All the buttons are still on the article as well. Can fit up to a size 12.Purple dress = £8Last up for the moment is this: for the wrinkles. It’s a nice day dress, black and white, WITH POCKETS!! Fits a size 10-12 well. It’s made of a thin fabric that feels like cotton, and has a pocket on each side. Great for dressing up and going out dancing, or for staying in and baking a cake.Black and white dress = £15I can take measurements of the items if necessary. I’d be willing to meet up with any prospective buyer in the Clapton/Hackney Central area, or anywhere along the routes of the 38, the 55 or 56. I’m afraid I haven’t got any time to mail pieces out, so meeting face-to-face would be best.All things are as-is, and I have taken care to note any stains or holes on these clothes. If I happen to notice something before the transaction, I’ll message you.Thanks for having a look. I may add some more things later.


  1. I like the one with dots but I don’t think cross dressing is the way for me to go!! When are you off to the US?

  2. The 13th, but I move out of the place I’m currently in on the 8th because the guy I’m subletting from is coming back then.

  3. Wow, that’s not long!

  4. Ooop it’s the 13th today, and only just seen this. I’m interested in the dotty shirt and black & white dress – but maybe I’m too late? Let me know. Thanks

  5. ‘Fraid so. The good news is that I still have these items. Maybe. They’re either going to be put into storage or something. Kind of depends on the person with whom I left the bag of clothes with.

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