Chatsworth Road Market 5th Dec

Following on from the discussions about the last market here With a new layout and more stalls Chatsworth Road Market is back for the second in it’s trial run before the council makes the decision to keep it or not. What did everyone think?@monkchips @euan @will @alexpink @marty21 @lucypearceox @patricksmithjournalist


  1. the market was a great experience. i would definitely be a regular if it stayed. the vibe was more friendly and cozy than broadway market with all the stall keepers chatting and explaining what they were selling. i did want to go to chatsworth kitchen, which was doing a great trade, but was not in the mood for breakfast. i need to find out at what time they start serving lunch! looked for you guys there but did bump into @monkchips who was able to reconnect with my guy. very very nice all around.

  2. I loved it! Nice vibe, lots of people milling, friendly. Agree with Janice, more relaxed than Broadway Market somehow. As I approached I felt like I was in France finding a street market. Maybe the music added to that. Some really nice stalls with tempting things to buy. Enjoyed good spinach curry, fine coffee from epicerie, and sweet Lee Valley Vanilla shake in Lumiere. I happily completed a survey form supporting the market, and definitely recommend a Sunday stroll to Chatsworth Road.

  3. posted this on t’other thread. I went down at about midday, bought some lovely cakes from the Bamber Brothers – they are actual brothers according to them. Also bought a mini pie – lamb and shepherd’s pie, which was pretty mini, but only £1.20 and very tasty –seemed less busy than the first one, but maybe it got busier later.

  4. We went with @monkchips‘s advice and got some sweet potato burritos from the vegan peasant, which were great.There is a community consultation on 19th Jan @ Chat’s palace if anyone is keen on feeding back formally

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