Chatsworth Road Market 12th Dec

I can’t make it down today, what are people’s thoughts on the third trial market?


  1. Sorry to hear you’re not well. I liked the third trial market a lot. If there’s a petition to vote that it happens regularly I’ll be glad to sign.Get better soon 🙂

  2. @divinechoice There is a chance to feedback at a meeting on weds 19th Jan from 7:30pm at Chats Palace – I’m going to try and make it along

  3. Couldn’t make it today, hope it went well, and i hope it becomes permanent.

  4. I went along today, earlier than last week, so it was quieter when I was there (just after 11ish). Think the stall reorganisation mostly seemed to work quite well. And was pleased to snap up something I’d spotted last week, and to get a few Christmas gifts. Bird brooches seemed a popular offering! I hope it becomes a regular fixture, maybe every other week.

  5. to figure how to post a pic in comment box, maybe this will work?

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