Chatsworth Road

An old market street in Clapton/Homerton I have some photos of Chatsworth Road from over the years:



Both these images were sent to me as part of a whole history about A.E. Barrow one that I will share at some point.


  1. @ewebber when I and other locals set up and ran the Chatsworth Road festival in the early 2000s we ordered printed lots of cards with images (credit to Hackney Archives for supplying the images) including the 1895 one above to sell on our Festival stall. You can see them under glass on the counter of Sem’s laundrette on the road. From the festival odds and ends in my loft I managed to cobble together a complete set of six of so all circa early 1900s if you would like it

  2. did i say early 80s – dont know where that came from must have been the photos – I meant early 2000s!

  3. Hi @alexisk I’d love to see them

  4. hi @ewebber – I only have them hard copy not scanned so let me know if you want me to post them or wherever/whenever it would be convenient to pass them over

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