Changing 1ps and 2ps into real money

Bizarre request to the group I’m afraid! I have about 2 pint glasses full of 1ps and 2ps and can’t be bothered to sort them properly and take them to a bank! Does anyone know where I can turn them into real cash easily?



  1. most supermarkets have machines that will give you paper cash in exchange for coins – I’m pretty sure there is one at Stamford Hill Sainsbury’s – you put them in the machine – and they give you notes (they do take a commission though)

  2. Thanks @marty21 – my local Sainsburys (Kingsland Road) is pretty basic so maybe its time to explore the badlands of Stamford Hill 😉

  3. If you’re in town, Metro Bank apparently have free coin-counting machines. They have ‘stores’ (not branches) at Tottenham Court Road and Holborn.”

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I just turned a pint glass of rubbish into £20 off my shopping!!

  5. I’ve used evil the machine at the horrible Tesco in Hackney Central. They do take a commission though – something like 7p per pound.

  6. I’ve used the Metro Bank ones. They are completely free and the branches are open during weekends and late everyday.

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