Centerprise Bookshop history and early book list

Found this history of Centerprise by Ken Worpole it’s a bit long winded, but the history at the start and the list of books at the end are worth a look.
Centerprise 1972 – 77


  1. @traxcitement thanks for sharing that, I’m really interested to find out more about them, I’ll have a read later

  2. Centerprise
    Photo by Traxcitement

    I remember going into Centerprise Bookshop in the 70’s it was in the same place as it is now. It was quite a trendy little shop they had some great books which they produced themselves. One book that I bought from there was called ‘Tottenham Boys We Are Here’ I still have it and original copies now change hands for £100+!”

  3. Looks like Centerprise may soon be no more, here is a press release about the potential closure: is a hearing on 11th November.”

  4. Please sign the petition to keep it open:”

  5. Looks like the council have dropped the legal action, more over here:

  6. Centerprise are set for an eviction hearing at the council on 15th October, more details as to why the council are threatening eviction here: the petition is still up and running over here:

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