Cedarmill developers

Hi there, I was hoping that you could highlight a massive issue which is occurring between Hackney Council and Cerdarmill developers- 2 Belsham Street, Hackney- development of flats. I have raised this to Meg Hillier and Mayor Jules Pipe who both stated that: Cedarmill did not follow the correct pre commencement procedures. However, they managed to get approved despite many outrageous planning / property laws without any consequences. We have been to council meetings to protest the initial plans- which were not heard fully before plans were passed.Then we attempted to contact Hackney planning department to check that the plans were correct- as they appeared to be larger on the plans we had seen from the surveyor- which now it transpires they had extended the height of the building by 50%- which neither Hackney planning nor our appointed surveyor had noted! Ceadarmill have taken over our private property (more than 1.5 metres of our back gardens which are now completely demolished.) without any approval from us- landowners, or taken into consideration our distress/ need for compensation. They recently applied for an additional 3 metres for their flats- however this has been withdrawn due to many homeowners raising further concerns and reiterating the concerns about the planning stages. However- it is still very worrying that the council have not noted that there are huge discrepancies between what Ceadarmill applied for- and we’re granted- and what they are stating is there \existing plans”! It makes me feel that hackney are deliberately ignoring this due to a mutual benefit? I feel that this alliance between Hackney council and this rouge developer is making Hackney a really stressfulplace to live it is such a shame that with the development of the Fashion Village is bringing cowboys out! If you have any additional info on this development or have a connection in hackney council that would be really useful- otherwise we face another high rise in front of the old Burberry building!!”


  1. Hi there @Kmtravis Do you have a number I can contact you? I am happy to chat to see if we can highlight the issue in the Hackney Gazette?

  2. Yes that would be great- is there a place I can send it to privately? K

  3. @kmtravis if you connect as friends on here with @syma you can send private messages

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