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scooter rental?

I need a 50cc machine for the practical in the lovely old seaside resort of Erith in a couple of weeks, and haven’t confirmed after 3 days. Any other recommendations? Or has anyone got a cheap machine for sale which will last another couple of months before going to scrap? (There’s a good artistic reason for all this: I need to transport my barrel organ in a Piaggio... »

Great London Rideout on Sunday

Hello, Anyone up for this? It’s a lot of fun. Goes from Inner Circle , Regents Park to Southend. If you have other stuff to do later in the day you can just do the London bit, parading through Westminster and along the Embankment which is great. Still worth joining in. Suggest anyone interested meets outside Palm 2 at 152 – 156 Lower Clapton Road almost opposite the Clapton Hart and by... »

Buckingham Palace ride out and Strongrooms party

This Saturday – meet at Carnaby Street and drive round London to Shoreditch More at »

Scooter mechanics/repairs

Hi My Vespa GTV125 needs a bit of looking at as the coolant has been leaking pretty badly recently. I usually use Scooterden for repairs/servicing, however they seem exceptionally busy lately and I’ve heard they’re possibly at the pricier end of the scale, though I’ve never had a problem with any of the work done there. Does anyone have any recommendations when it comes to mechan... »

Motorbike licence training / test recommendations

Last year I got a bigger bike (125cc), so re-did my CBT, I’m now keen to ditch the L plates and maybe go a bit bigger again. I have passed my motorbike theory test already, so I’m looking for recommendations of where to go to do the practical. Does anyone have any? I’ll do either the A2 or the full Direct Access rather than restrict myself to 125cc. I’d prefer to pay nearer... »

Hackney Scooter Club dates for your diary

Here are the dates of my favourite London ride outs. Each of these is usually very well attended and it is great being part of a mass of classic scooters (and breathing 2 stroke…) Sunday 6 April London Kickstart Rideout. Starts from the London Eye. Meeting from 1030 and setting off at noon. Saturday 24th May Buckingham Palace Rideout. Sets off from Carnaby Street at 2 pm. Sunday 1st June. Gr... »

Hackney ride out

Hello, looks like being a glorious weekend. Anyone got time for a 2 -3 hour ride on Saturday morning.? We could do a run across the main bridges and end up back at the scooterworks cafe or somewhere in Hackney. I would not suggest we start before 10.00 »

Woman’s Frank Thomas Leather motorbike jacket size 10

Woman’s Frank Thomas Leather motorbike jacket size 10

I have a leather motorbike jacket that I am getting rid of. I did originally list this on ebay, but the buyer messed me around. I’m selling it for the bargain price of £10 for Yeah! Hackney members. » Super warm woman’s leather motorbike jacket » double breasted to keep the wind out » double zip to allow for more layers underneath » padded elbows » padded shoulders » quilted lining Thi... »

Scooter Router: routes from Hackney

Scooter Router: routes from Hackney

@stephenwalker78 and I started a little website at the end of 2013. We wanted some interesting routes to take the scooters out on, but what we found was either a bit far away or a bit long for our heavy lambrettas (more like motorbike routes). So we started Scooter Router There are only a couple of routes on there right now, most routes will likely start from Hackney and ta... »

Scooter days out, any suggestions

Now summer is (almost) here, I'm looking for ideas for rides out starting in Hackney that I can take »

5 May Rideout

In case anyone is interested its the Buckingham Palace ride out this weekend.It starts at Great Marl »

Looking to buy a Vespa

So my commute has doubled and I'm looking to invest in a Vespa.  My budget is around £1,500, and as »

Anyone know of a decent lock-up in London Fields?

Greetings. I'm eyeing up a nice black Vespa, but live in a block of flats with no off-street parking »

Rideout in aid of Blesma 22nd April


Vespa World Days 2012 @ London Fields

Vespa World Days 2012 is being held at London Fields (pending council approval). More details over h »

Hackney Scooter club outing

As suggested by @jimbo this i »

fuel mixing

any idea of fuel mixing for an old scooter, ie the right measurement for oil and fuel. i have a 1965 »


Hi guys Glad to find that there are others nearby :) I too have a old vespa and love rippi »


Hello, just noticed this group. I am a local classic Lambretta rider - blue and grey Li 150, 1962. I »

Garage space to share?

Howday all, Just discovered Yeah Hackney - fantastic! And low and behold a scooter group, where »

Vespa Re-spray

I finally have my vespa back (again) after my mechanic tried out 3 different stator plates, 4 months »

What do you ride?

Here is my bike, it's a 1979 Vespa 50 Special with a Prima Vera headset: »

Vintage scooter mechanics

As a vintage vespa rider, I thought I'd list the vintage scooter places that I know of for parts, re »

Buying a new helmet

I currently have a Momo open face helmet like this »

What do I do with my old helmets?

I think it's time I got a new motorbike helmet, but I don't know what to do with the old one - I alr »

Garage/secure parking

I am looking for somewhere secure to park my car/scooter in the area. Off road, preferably undergrou »