Muttlins of Hackney Pet services

Muttlins of Hackney Pet services

A home for your hound in the heart of Hackney. Staycations, sleepovers and walks. Please message us and check us out on Facebook. »

Room to let

I have a double room to let for a few months from August 1st. I am looking for someone who loves cats, as part of the deal is looking after a very sweet cat, the rent will reflect this of course (no it won’t be higher because of it, but maybe it should!) Send me a private message if you are interested or know of someone who is. thanks »

Lost cat

Lost cat

Windsor Castle are posting this on facebook so I thought I’d re-post. »

Professional Dog Training

Professional Dog Training

Hi Guys! I am a professional and qualified Canine Behaviourist (Dog Trainer) now living in Hackney Downs (E8). COMPLETE DOG SOLUTIONS ( Complete Dog Solutions is London’s premiere Professional Canine Behaviour consultancy and training business recognised for over 12 years of international experience and qualifications. CDS is committed to not only training your c... »

Looking for friendly dogs to be walked (for free) in London Fields

Hi, My soon-to-be-8 step-daughter is a dog lover and she is looking to help dog owners with walks before and after-school and at the weekends. Of course one of us adults would be doing it with her. Do you know anyone around London Fields that we could help? Thanks a lot, Sonini »

Cat sitter Recommendations

Hey, I’m interested in local cat sitter recommendations as I’ll be looking for someone to feed and play with a couple of cats for a week while I’m away in the next few months. Anyone have any local services they trust? »

The Happiness of Hounds: Shoreditch to get a dog cafe?

The Happiness of Hounds: Shoreditch to get a dog cafe?

You have all likely heard of Lady Dinah’s cat cafe currently trialling in Shoreditch. It looks like Kristjan Byfield of @baseproperty is set to open a dog cafe to rival it. More on twitter: and Via: »

Cat carrier, free!!

Hi all,My new cat came with a carrier that I don't need. The top hatches on the door are broken, but »

FREE dog microchipping & agility in the park

Dogs Trust are offering FREE dog microchipping, dog training & behavioural advice, low cost/free »

Wanted: Dog Sitters

I have recently started helping someone out at their studio 3 days a week and the plan was to take m »

cat sitter recommendations

Hello Although we have lots of lovely friends who help look after our cat when we are away, th »

Children and Dogs

If you are interested, I've just written a blog entry on safety around kids and dogs... »

Puppy Training

I'm picking up a cocker spaniel puppy this week and was wondering if anyone can recommend some local »

Vet recommendations

Hi, has anyone got experience with knowing the good/bad vets in the area please? I have a cat, but w »

Pub pets

A good traditional boozer has a pub pet, I was recently in a pub in Walthamstow that seemed to have »